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Meaning of the name

Martha in translation from ancient Aramean means "lady", "great".


Little Martha is impudent, noisy and mischievous, she is stubborn and persistent. A fearless and determined inventor, she becomes a ringleader in games, and most often plays (or even fights) with boys. Argues with teachers and parents on every occasion and without.

She usually studies not very well, not because she learns the material poorly, but because of her intractability and tendency to conflicts. But among her classmates, Martha enjoys great prestige, has many friends. She is very athletic, sometimes she may prefer extreme sports.

Growing up, Martha learns to hide her feelings, stops arguing about every issue, admits she was wrong. She knows how to be refined and courteous, look sweet and simple-minded (and she was born in the summer as such), but sooner or later the main character traits of this woman will appear: decisiveness, mercilessness towards those who unquestioningly disobey her, imperiousness, even cunning.

This woman is active, persistent and ambitious, she always tries to achieve the best results, professionalism in her business. Martha loves and knows how to work, is prudent, often makes a dizzying career due to her knowledge, abilities and ability to lead people. She makes decisions quickly, and nothing will make her refuse to fulfill the promise.

Martha is extremely impulsive, loves to travel and relocate. Most often, he chooses a job related to communicating with people and is happy to go on a long business trip or move to the newly opened office of the company, located on the other side of the world. The boss can safely entrust her with a responsible task - Martha will do everything in the best possible way. She can also make a wonderful business woman.


Martha is very sociable, beautiful and sexy, easily finds a common language with men, the attention of her fans flatters her. Martha is never shy, when she first meets a man she is easy and free, she can become the initiator of a closer relationship if she liked the man.

She is not looking for a passionate and tireless admirer, since for Martha sex is not the most important thing in life, she does not try to achieve perfection in love games and does not require this from a partner.

She agrees to intimacy only with a well-known person for whom she has tender feelings. This is one of the reasons that Martha, constantly surrounded by fans, does not change partners very often. She does not like to be bound by obligations, so she gets married late.

Accustomed to the leading role among friends and at work, Martha and in family relationships often takes the reins into her own hands. The husband is usually completely subordinate to his beautiful, intelligent wife, is the executor of her desires and whims. But in public, Martha sometimes plays the role of an obedient wife, since the opinion of others is extremely important to her.

She is a wonderful wife, caring and loving mother, a good housewife. For the welfare of her loved ones, Martha will stop at nothing. The spouse does not forgive infidelity, makes scenes, may leave for a while, but soon returns, preferring to keep the family.


Purple, orange.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Gemini.


The word Martha gives the impression of something rough, heavy, quiet, slow.

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