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Today sport is unthinkable without a series of revelations and scandals. For those for whom simple records are not enough, and the sports competitions themselves no longer carry anything new, and are reeking of scandals, there is an original alternative.

There are several types of competitions in which animals are the main characters. Today there are hundreds of animal contests, below are the ten most interesting of them.

Jumping frogs. Every year in mid-May, Angels Cam, California, hosts these events. Although nature did not endow frogs with the ability to run quickly, it gave them the opportunity to jump to the envy of many. The competition is based on Mark Twain's story "The Famous Jumping Frog of Calaveras." The championship was first held in 1928, and today up to 35 thousand spectators gather at it. At first it was an amateur competition, but nowadays it has become a real Frogtown Frog Town. Here, in addition to the sporting events themselves, there are also frog fairs, compulsory readings of Mark Twain's works, and other events. Frogtown has its own legends. It was here that the world record for long jump among amphibians was set. It has been around for 25 years and belongs to the famous champion frog Rozzi. At one time, she was able to make a triple six-meter jump. As for the athletes, the prizes here are pretty good. So, those who manage to break this record are entitled to a prize of 5 thousand dollars. What the new record holder will get from the amount can only guess. For several years, the competition in Frogtown has been constantly under threat of disruption. The fact is that animal rights activists, together with environmentalists, launched a whole campaign, protesting against the holding of the competition and demanding punishment for the organizers and participants. Environmentalists believe that hundreds of frogs released during the event could pose a threat to local fauna and the balance in nature. Animal advocates simply declared this championship a mockery of living beings. But all such actions cannot interfere with the fair itself. The fact is that it significantly replenishes the state treasury in just a few days. So the frog racing continues as usual.

Pig Race. Pig races are held every year in Moscow from 18 to 20 February. They are generally one of the main all-around animals in the world. Only dogs can compete with them. Pigs can participate in sports such as running, wrestling, jumping and even ball games. Pig racing is a rather old sport that is cultivated all over the world. So, pigs ran a race back in the Middle Ages in Europe, competitions were common in pre-revolutionary Russia. There, the races were usually held at market fairs and squares. The excitement was so great that the rates reached several hundred rubles. Scientists, having studied the movements of pigs, have come to the conclusion that the speed of these animals directly depends on their mood. The more upset the pig is, the faster it runs to the finish line. That is why pigs are taken to the start in the most upset feelings. This allows them to reach an average speed of 25 km / h. In Moscow, the competitions are held during the Zoo Expo exhibition. There the Olympics among pigs are organized. The first time it took place in 2004, before that such competitions had not been held for over a hundred years. The next year the Pig Sports Federation appeared. She is organizing such an Olympiad in the country, as well as other official pig races.

Snail Race. Every year in English Kongam there is a race of slow creatures in July. Such a competition can hardly be called the World Championship, it is also unclear whether it can be considered gambling. Its motto is “Ready! Steady! Slow! ". The main fans here are pensioners and children. The competition is so popular that it has been held here for a quarter of a century. Each of the participating snails has its own number, which is glued to the house. Athletes are placed in the center of a foot-diameter circle and are expected to be the first to reach the arena. Anyone can apply for the competition. To do this, the official website of the championship has detailed instructions that teach how to cook as an athlete. We need to find him in the garden, come up with a sonorous champion name and stick a serial number. After that, all efforts must be given to encouraging the participant. The winner, in addition to fame, receives a delicious prize - a lettuce leaf. After that, the champion is also released. In 2010, an absolute world record was set at the competition. The winner, the snail Sydney, was able to get out of the circle in the final in just 3 minutes 41 seconds.

Ostrich race. Every March in the town of Chandler, Arizona, there is a whole ostrich festival. Its main highlight is the ostrich race. The city is famous for the fact that it is here that there are many farms that breed these birds. The festival has a fairly large program. It resembles a whole fair with an ostrich, of course, a bias. After the first acquaintance with the birds, it is customary to taste a sandwich with their meat, and an omelet made from an ostrich egg is also offered. The event has its own circus and zoo, where you can ride the rides or listen to musicians. The highlight of the whole festival is the ostrich races. At the same time, people who act as riders take part in them. There are no specially trained jockeys here, anybody from the crowd can control the birds. Ostriches are generally considered to be ideal for riding. After all, these birds are strong and hardy, but riders do not need a saddle at all. The feathers of ostriches are quite dense and soft, forming a natural seating position. The race of birds with their riders usually does not last long. After all, a freedom-loving bird throws off its "cowboy" after a few meters. As a result, an ostrich without a rider gets to the finish line at a speed of 60 km / h. Only a few times in the entire history of the festival, a person was able to reach the finish line astride a proud bird.

Racing pigeons. Such competitions are constantly held in Taiwan, not a week goes by so that pigeons do not race into the sky. This sport has been popular for several centuries. Competitions among sports pigeons are also held in Japan and the USA, England and Australia, Turkey, China and Romania. However, it is Taiwan that is the recognized center of this sport. Every week, about 500 pigeon competitions are held across the country. There are 2-3 million sports birds on the island. Working with them has become a real industry - breeding, training and participating in competitions with pigeons employs more than half a million inhabitants. And this has long been a serious business, not a simple hobby. Race winnings can be as high as one billion Taiwanese dollars. Birds start training at the age of 2.5 months. When they turn 100-120 days old, they are already ready to compete. The most important championship is the Five Race Championship. It became so popular among the locals that it was even held several times a year. But a serious competitive rhythm is difficult for most birds to endure. After all, they participate almost weekly in long races, and during the championship, the favorite pigeons are completely forced to overcome 5 thousand kilometers in total. Bird lovers from other countries are protesting against the local substitution of harsh business for their hobby, but tourists like such competitions. After all, you can watch the races of pigeons almost at any time of the year.

Races of goats and blue crabs. These competitions are held in Trinidad and Tobago annually in April. They attract many tourists. The first part of the race was given to goats from the Bucco village. Animals are well-combed and neatly groomed. The very atmosphere of the competition is in no way inferior to the famous races. Jockeys and coaches carefully prepare for the races, commentators name the favorites of each race, while spectators push each other, trying to get closer to the treadmills. The goats have to run a 100-meter distance, and the village boys run them. They must help the animals stay on the track. This is done by encouraging and guiding you on the right path. The jockeys themselves do not sit on their goats, but simply run alongside, holding them on a leash. The second part, the big blue crabs race, is also fun. Although there is no need to talk about speed records here. The owners of the athlete with twigs push them on the right path. Anyone can take part and become a driver. But these athletes will have an unenviable fate - winners and ordinary participants in the evening become part of the local dish, curry.

Turtle racing. Every Wednesday summer, Longueville, Minnesota, hosts a turtle race. In general, these animals participate in many competitions. They can compete in speed in the pool, in open water and on land. Such competitions came from the Bahamas, where they have been loved since ancient times. Today, entertainment has become fashionable in the USA and Canada, since 1975 regular championships have been held there. The competition attracts several thousand spectators. In America, land turtle races are held. There, animals represent different states and cities. The turtles are placed in the center of a circle with a radius of 15 meters. The winner is the one who gets out first. Participants for the competition are selected not by age, but by the diameter of the shell. It must be at least 13 centimeters long. There are also competitions among the fastest turtles and among the slowest. Spectators love racing because of its unpredictability. After all, a leader can stop just a few centimeters from the cherished milestone and fall asleep. Then it will no longer be possible to move it from its place by any means.

Camel racing. Camel racing is a favorite pastime in many Arab countries. One-humped animals, dromedaries take part in them. They are faster and more athletic than their two-humped counterparts. On short races, these camels reach speeds of 60 km / h. In Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, an entire sports season takes place from October to April. Races are held here every week at this time. But local law prohibits betting on the winner. But the participants and winners of the competition receive valuable prizes - jewelry, edged weapons, cars. The animals, the winners, are automatically raised in price to half a million dollars. The winner of the Royal Cup at the end of the year receives a sumptuous prize of $ 1 million even by local standards.

Ferrets running. More and more families are keeping ferrets in their homes. Moreover, many interesting stories are associated with them. For example, the game "Ferret in the trouser leg" was very popular in England earlier. The animal was launched into wide trousers, whose bottom was tied. This prevented the ferret from getting out. This kind of fun spread among the miners at the beginning of the last century. Fun helped test the endurance of men. As a result, the ferret, trying to find freedom, simply gnawed through the leg. The miner who endured the fuss of an animal in his trouser leg for the longest time and became the winner. Today, such a competition is already forgotten, but in England, ferrets have become fashionable on the basis of old fun. The animals are placed in special pipes filled with various barriers. Spectators can observe the movements of rodents, since some sections of the pipes are transparent. By launching the hamster into the pipe, the exit is closed. The animal has no choice but to look for another way out. In the process of training, the owners of hamsters train their pets for several months to run towards certain sounds or to a light source. When the competition begins, the “coach” beckons his ward to come out with a flashlight and shouting and familiar sounds. Such competitions are held in England at all major fairs, and many spectators flock there. Organizational functions are taken over by animal shelters, and all the funds received from the bets go to them. Champion hamsters, after the end of their sports career, retire, where they are engaged in reproduction of future championship winners.

Race of cockroaches. Cockroach racing takes its history from Russia. It was in our country that such competitions began to be held immediately after the war of 1812. Such fun has firmly taken its place in markets and fairs. Regular races were interrupted by the October Revolution. History has left evidence that the fun was so gambling. Some merchants even dumped their entire fortune in betting on baleen insects. Now the tradition has just begun to revive in our country, competitions are held very rarely. But in some other countries, cockroach races are at the peak of their popularity. There was even a whole system of rules. So, only Madagascar cockroaches can participate. The races themselves are held in special grooves. Spectators watch the athletes on large television screens. The owners are encouraging their players in every way. They do this with claps, shouts and flashlights. At the same time, the coaches have no right to touch the participants. The most famous competitions take place in Australia, during the celebration of Founding Day on January 26th. Many locals are generally convinced that the cockroach deserves a place of honor during a national holiday. The funds collected during the races are used exclusively for charitable purposes.

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