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Meaning of the name

Lolita translated from Spanish means "sorrow", "sorrow".


As a child, Lolita is a modest, but self-confident girl, very sensitive and touchy, not childishly stubborn and persistent. Weak spots - the digestive and respiratory systems, skin. If parents pay attention to proper nutrition and conditioning of their daughter, she will grow up exceptionally healthy.

Growing up, Lolita changes little, showing more and more signs of choleric temperament. She is sociable, optimistic, has many friends and girlfriends at school. Adult Lolita is a reasonable, hardworking woman with a huge supply of love and tenderness.

She is extremely calculating and prudent, has good intuition, an analytical type of thinking, instant reaction. Lolita is careful and prudent, prefers well-trodden and roundabout ways, will never rush through.

Lolita is very decent, sociable. She has many friends, few close friends, but they are all reliable, honest people on whom you can rely in difficult times and with whom it is pleasant to share your joy.

Lolita likes professions that are well paid, but at the same time do not require a lot of effort and time. Can achieve success in the field of medicine and pedagogy.


Lolita is very beautiful and effective, loves to attract attention to herself. She is especially careful in choosing cosmetics, jewelry and accessories. She is always surrounded by fans with whom she feels easy and at ease.

Lolita is extremely sexy. Sensual pleasures play an important role in her life, so Lolita is looking for a partner with the appropriate temperament.

Having married, she prefers the role of a housewife, which she copes with simply masterly - she maintains perfect cleanliness and order in the house, cooks perfectly, a caring mother. Leadership in the family and concern for the material support of the family willingly yields to the husband.


Dark blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Lolita gives the impression of something brave, majestic, good, safe, beautiful, smooth, bright, joyful.

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