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Most people lead the same, standard lifestyle. We go to work, and in the evenings we try to relax at home. On weekends, we either clean up the accumulated cases, or meet with relatives and friends. Our way of life is the focus of our behavior, which is embodied in everyday life.

But there are people on the planet who simply do not want to be like everyone else. They choose for themselves a life in which there is a place for new unusual friends, different time intervals and various unusual circumstances. And when everyone around is surprised, they simply continue to calmly follow the chosen way of life. The most unusual of them will be discussed.

A woman living in the Victorian era. Sarah Chrisman never dreamed of a corset, but after her husband made such a gift for her 29th birthday, the woman's life changed. She herself claims that these vintage clothes have literally changed her. The couple had been collecting historical clothes for a long time, but the woman could not find anything that would match her forms. The fact is that all the clothes were designed for women wearing a corset. Wearing a corset inspired Sarah to wear a different outfit from the Victorian era. Such outfits have become her daily routine. Together with her husband, Sarah even tried to live in the style of those times, as far as possible. In fact, she had to wash with a jug, sew her own clothes from natural materials with her own hands, and not drive a car. In their Victorian home in Port Townsend, Washington, the couple uses oil lamps for lighting. Sarah even prepares food from a 19th century cookbook. While the food in the house is still stored in the refrigerator, fanatical fans of this lifestyle plan to start using a box of ice for this purpose. So they can immerse themselves in their image even more. Sarah Chrisman even wrote a book about the corset giving her. In this work, a 33-year-old woman explained her unusual lifestyle choices. He helps her to understand history, to look at the world and people differently.

Dog life. When talking about a dog's life, extremely bad conditions are implied. But some strive to live really like our four-legged friends. Harry Matthews had his own account with the world, since he decided to adopt a canine lifestyle. The man recalls that he was always aware of himself as a part of nature and considered himself a dog. Now the 48-year-old former technologist wears a collar, eats dog food from a bowl, and adores white bones and pet cookies. Like any other dog, Harry even barks, chases cars and buries bones in holes in his backyard. The man sleeps in his own kennel, considering it more comfortable than a soft bed. Now he responds to the nickname "Boomer". And a Pennsylvania resident developed such a passion after watching the popular show "Here Boomer" on NBC as a child. This series was about a stray dog-traveler who helped people in trouble. Matthews liked this idea so much that he transferred the image of the star of the show to his life, for many years, nurturing the idea of ​​becoming a Boomer. I must say that many people associate themselves with various animals. This phenomenon is called furry, such a subculture appeared in America back in the 1980s. These people consider themselves anthropomorphic animals with human characteristics - the ability to speak, walk on two legs, high intelligence, facial expressions, and so on. But if for most furries dressing up is just a hobby, then Boomer took it to an extreme, turning it into a way of life.

Life inside a respirator. There is a woman in North Carolina who has lived inside a respirator for 61 years. Martha Mason is an unusual person who has spent almost her entire life inside a car. And it's all to blame for polio, which made her paralyzed at an early age. Such a situation may seem hopeless, but Martha was able to lead a fulfilling life. She graduated from high school and college, attended dinner parties, and even wrote Breathing: The Rhythm of Life with Iron Lungs. There Martha told about the problems she had to face and how she was able to find joy in life. This is the only person on our list who did not choose his own unusual lifestyle. Martha was born in 1937 near Charlotte. At the age of 11, she suffered a serious illness, which shortly before took the life of her brother Gaston. After his funeral, the girl said that she had the same symptoms. She just kept silent about it, not wanting to disturb her already saddened parents once again. But soon Martha found herself completely dependent on a device to make her breathing easier. “Iron lungs” is a colloquial term that means a large tank, inside which pressure is created so that the lungs of paralyzed people work better. Mrs. Mason has lived almost her entire life in such a device that helped her to live. But at one time the doctors told the parents that the girl would live in this state for no more than a year. She was sent home to die happy. But her love of life, curiosity and a desire to learn and get to know the world around her helped Martha survive her parents. She died in 2009.

Traveling with a crucifix on your shoulder. Preachers who consecrate their lives to spread their teachings are no longer surprising. But this man spent 26 years of his life spreading Christ, while carrying a huge crucifix on his shoulder. 60-year-old preacher Linsday Hamon talks about Christianity to all who are willing to listen to it. He literally carries faith on his shoulders, having already visited 19 countries. Among them are New Zealand, India, Romania and Sri Lanka. In his unusual journey, which has become a way of life, there were many, both touching and rude. Hamon survived attacks and gunfire in Bangladesh and was kicked out of St. Peter's Square in Rome. But he has no plans to stop his preaching work. The man began his mission in 1987 with a cross on his shoulders. Since then, he practically does not take it off. The cross itself is made of cedar and is 3.6 meters high and 1.8 meters wide. There is a wheel at the base to make the cross easier to place. In fact, the preacher wears a huge creed for 12 hours a day, having no idea where he will sleep. The former social worker collects donations to help him fulfill his role as a Christian evangelist. Also from time to time, Jamon returns to his native Cornwall to work by profession and pay the bills of his family.

A woman paralyzed below the waist. Usually, this type of paralysis, in fact, ends a full life, people remain permanently confined to a wheelchair. But 57-year-old Chloe Jennings, a chemist from Salt Lake City, Utah, volunteered to make her life hell. The woman simulates paralysis of the lower extremities, which supposedly makes her body immobile below the waist. Chloe deliberately chose the disabled lifestyle. She moves in a wheelchair with straps on her knees. These devices allow Chloe to move only with crutches. And when she goes down or up the stairs, she just keeps on the handrails, like an ordinary person. Like many other paralyzed people, Chloe loves outdoor activities. Only she does not need special equipment for such events. The woman simply goes on a 12-hour hike into the forest, climbing mountain peaks along dangerous slopes. Chloe lives in such a state of full life, as if she does not have serious problems. In 2008, doctors diagnosed her with a serious psychological disorder, problems with holistic body perception, BIID. It appears in ordinary people, giving them the illusion of a happier life from limb amputation or paralysis. To resist the urge to hurt herself, a wheelchair and special restraints were provided for Chloe. This made her psychological condition much easier. But she admits that she dreams that she will actually hurt her limbs as a result of a car accident. Sufferers of this syndrome are forced to put up with angry remarks from those who consider them to be deceivers. But it is necessary to make allowances for the real psychological problems of a person. Using a wheelchair, despite being able to move like a normal person, makes Chloe's life easier.

Life with cockroaches. For most of us, cockroaches are unpleasant insects that should not be in the house. But Kyle Kandilian, a student from Michigan, is not only not afraid of cockroaches, but happily lives with them. According to the young man, about 200 thousand representatives of this detachment currently live in his house. A 20-year-old guy collects and breeds cockroaches not only for his pleasure, but also to earn money. With the help of such an unusual lifestyle, he manages to pay for his studies at the university. Kyle's cockroaches are different - from the most common, which are a dime a dozen in different places, to quite rare species. For example, a rhinoceros cockroach (Macrpanestia rhinoceros) can live up to 15 years, and each such insect is estimated at $ 200. Kyle has a fairly wide range of clients, including owners of pets that feed on cockroaches. Collaborating with young men and research laboratories that need insects for experiments. However, such an unusual love for cockroaches also has its negative sides, which Kyle's parents do not like. One day, his mother woke him up at 4 in the morning, pointing to an insect in the toilet. The cockroach sat peacefully on a roll of toilet paper. "Kyle, we need to stop this!" - his parents directly declare to him. The student's room is filled to the brim with boxes of insect colonies. In total, a fan of cockroaches grows about 130 of their species. The young man has been adhering to this way of life for eight years, constantly increasing the number of friends and their diversity.

With a man and a lover under the same roof. When a married woman has a lover or leaves her husband, then society condemns this. When Maria Butski left her husband Paul for another man, she didn't think about the consequences. But soon the woman realized that she was missing her husband. But even without her lover, Peter Gruman, she could no longer do. In addition, the men suddenly became friends. Then Maria came up with the perfect solution for everyone - she invited Peter to live in their house in east London. Now 33-year-old Maria, 37-year-old Paul, their two children - 16-year-old Laura and 12-year-old Amy and 36-year-old Peter live there. Together, they make up a large and happy family. They all began to live together in 2012 after Maria's three years of throwing between her husband and lover. Peter sleeps on the couch downstairs, and Paul has his room upstairs. Maria herself shares a bedroom with her eldest daughter. The woman claims that she never had sex at the same time with her two chosen ones. Maria has an intimate relationship with each of them separately, but she keeps the secrets of her personal life. Living together with two men at once, according to a woman, has tremendous advantages. Children are comfortable with three adults who can help with their homework and develop. And from a financial point of view, this is convenient, since the accounts are divided into three parts.

Family living in 1986. In order to get information about the past, thanks to the Internet, it takes seconds. But Blair Macmillan will need at least 10 minutes to find out who was prime minister and when. It will take so long to flip through all his encyclopedias. It is puzzling why a 26-year-old man, a father of two, cannot connect to the Internet. In fact, Blair, like his 27-year-old girlfriend Morgan, seems to live in 1986. This way of life was chosen by them especially for the sake of children - 5-year-old Trey and 2-year-old Denton. As a result, they will not sit up for iPhones and iPads, but will simply chase the ball in the yard. The parents abandoned any technology in their home that came after their birth in 1986. The family has no computers, no tablets, no smartphones, no coffee machine. Americans have given up on the Internet and cable. Modern people clearly do not understand them, believing that they have given up real life. But Blair and Morgan simply decided to raise their children the way their parents did to them. They prefer face-to-face contact over online communication. The family captures all of the children's antics on $ 20 film, avoiding Instragram. The family recently traveled around the United States using old paper maps. The kids had fun with talking toys and coloring books, not headrest TVs. The family immediately refused such machines. The only exception to the lifestyle is the 2010 KIA. Naturally, GPS is not installed in it.

A woman living with seven hundred cats. Some people have unimaginable features of their love for cats. Linea Taiyanzio always dreamed of a four-legged friend, but her mother did not approve of the Murka's behavior at home. Now the woman was able to fully realize her dream. She lives alone with hundreds of cats on her 12-acre estate in California. There she made a real paradise for her pets. It all started with the rescue of stray animals after her divorce in 1981. In total, Linea saved more than 19 thousand representatives of felines. Despite such an environment, the woman assures that she is not crazy at all. Her "cat house" is the largest pet in California. And Linea contains animals not for his own pleasure or for creating paradise on Earth. The woman's mission is to place the cats she has rescued in permanent homes and to prevent overpopulation through castration and neutering. There are about 700 cats and 15 more dogs in the house. And the good friend of animals survives thanks to donations and grants.

A woman living with poisonous spiders. The False Black Widow is a huge and dangerous spider. And although their bite is not as dangerous as that of ordinary black widows, people still experience unpleasant symptoms. In England, a real wave of terror swept by these eight-legged creatures. People even began to avoid sheds and basements for fear of meeting large spiders. However, one woman, Jay Reich, on the other hand, seeks to surround herself with false black widows. According to her, she does not even mind being bitten in order to prove the harmlessness of these spiders. Jay lives in Bracknell and her collection is constantly growing. She is currently raising three adult false black widows and about ten cubs. The spider mother Jay named Silla. According to her, she is amazed at how such a cute spider caused the most real panic in England. For example, in Gloucestershire, even a school was closed due to the invasion of false black widows. The 26-year-old woman believes there was no reason for this. People are afraid of spiders, as if they were wasps.As a result, the harmless, in her opinion, creatures, thanks to the press, develops a negative reputation. Jay is going to publicly demonstrate that a false black widow bite is completely harmless.

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