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Meaning of the name

Leonidas translated from ancient Greek means "like a lion".


Leonid has a flexible, diplomatic character. This, as they say, is an "absolute friend", loyal and reliable. Affordable, unassuming. He perfectly adapts to people and circumstances, knows how to resolve conflicts.

But, if necessary, he will become firm, uncompromising, principled to the point of cruelty. He has extraordinary skillful hands. Leonid has one more rare property: time, as it were, obeys him. He has not 24 hours in a day, but much more, he has time to do so many things!

He is characterized by kindness, the best, noble intentions and - the wrong choice of the path for the implementation of these intentions. As you know, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" - and the fate of the Leonids is rarely smooth and simple, especially for those who have been given power over people by chance or circumstances.

Since childhood, he takes his health very seriously. He is picky in the choice of food, he will not eat stale. A small scratch, an abrasion - the basis for bandaging the hand with a bandage, a slight temperature - to go to bed. And although he often misses school, his academic performance does not suffer from this. He is proud enough and will not allow himself to be considered less worthy than those with whom he studies.

Adult Leonid achieves good success in his chosen specialty. Can work as a welder, truck crane driver, be a journalist or a statesman. In any job, he will establish good relations with his comrades and superiors. In his youth, he is easy-going, he loves night fishing and ear by the fire, but he will do everything so that God forbid he does not chill his lower back or grab a runny nose.

In relations with women, the Leonids represent that classic type of man, the way to the heart of which is through the stomach. It will not be difficult for a woman who knows the culinary art to conquer Leonidas. Leonid loves a well-served table and delicious meals.

Leonid's wife needs to remember that he painfully perceives criticism in his address, and therefore you should not publicly reproach him. Of course, Leonid is not devoid of high feelings, but still it is very real - to kill or muffle these feelings with daily pasta and boiled eggs.

Leonid is squeamish, an insufficiently washed plate can spoil his mood for a long time. Leonid's wife must remember one more thing: he is very sensitive to public reproaches. And if she certainly wants to reprimand him, then it is better to wait when no one is around.

Jealous. Wouldn't mind spending the evening with a bottle of wine. Becomes especially jealous when drunk.


Leonidas is an incorrigible idealist who dreams of loyalty, devotion, self-sacrifice. Strong attachment to the past usually prevents him from living a full emotional and sexual life.

Leonidas clearly shows his individuality in love. He tries to assert himself in the world of love, afraid to admit that in fact he is tormented by lack of confidence in himself and in his masculine strength.

Leonid never pretends that he is experiencing mental anguish and suffering, considering this in a man a sign of weakness. He is very erotic (type of "gourmet lover"), but in bed he behaves selfishly, caring only about his own pleasure, maybe even cynical.

In life, he is an excellent strategist, he appreciates the consequences of his actions, does not suffer from unnecessary remorse, often conquers a woman with the speed and unexpectedness of actions. Leonid is impulsive, easily carried away, but his sexuality manifests itself only in a familiar environment and with a woman he knows.

Leonid has a developed intuition, is well versed in female psychology. He is a hidden leader, creates such an environment around himself that many simply cannot do without him.

Leonid usually marries for mercantile reasons, trying to forget the emotional shock after the unrequited love or infidelity of a friend. The first marriage usually ends in divorce. Boys are born, rarely girls. Before getting married, he goes through numerous erotic adventures, acquires a sexual experience.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Leonid gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, smooth, round, kind, light, gentle, feminine, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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