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Meaning of the name

Lazarus translated from Hebrew means "God helped".


The character is benevolent. Lazari are often hardworking. They look like their mother, very calm. Mostly executive and diligent. They study well, some subjects, such as physics, are not given to them, but thanks to diligence they finish school well and continue their studies further, although some of them then work outside their specialty.

Very vulnerable and more in the background. They do not like boasting, they are obligatory - especially for the "July" Lazars. Internal intelligence prevents them from achieving their goal in life: they give in to rudeness and rudeness. They work a lot and get along well with the team. They love to play chess.

By profession, Lazari are engineers, doctors, tailors, teachers, hairdressers, electricians, lawyers, programmers.

Stubborn, persistent, difficult for family life. Talented specialists. As a rule, their talent is revealed after thirty years.

Lazari are calm and patient people. They are balanced, thoughtful, hardworking, but slow, and it is absolutely pointless to rush them. They have golden hands, they are housewives, good family men. The owners of this name are diligent in work and spend a lot of time at work. Lazari are endowed with great kindness, they have many friends.

In the work of Lazari, they often reach a high professional level. They marry late, but they become good husbands and fathers, although they come across wives with a complex and demanding character. Some Lazaris marry a woman with a child.


Lazarus is resourceful, does not tolerate monotony, constantly comes up with new ways to achieve satisfaction. Much depends on the skill of a friend, with the same partner, each sexual act is different from the previous one. He is able to appreciate the beloved, who can bring something new to an intimate relationship.

Lazarus is physically strong, can have sex for days. An indefatigable lover, somewhat sentimental, is inclined to remember the most passionate partner, the connection with which has been interrupted, may try to renew the relationship with her.

He is happy to follow a new acquaintance who tries to win him over, studies her behavior, evaluates sexual opportunities, anticipating the pleasure she can give him. He is completely confident in himself and rarely takes the initiative himself, starting a sexual relationship with a stranger.

Defeats are unknown to him, and he has no need to insist on intimacy with the woman he likes. He loves spectacular women, well-built, interesting companions, smart and intelligent.

An attractive silly girl may interest him only for one evening, for the sake of sports interest. Most of all, he is excited by watching the new partner undress. For Lazarus, stimulating smells are essential, the scent of certain perfumes acts on him magically, his partner should know this.

He experiences the highest pleasure in oral sex. Lazarus does not tolerate inhibitions in bed, any way to satisfy desires is good for him. He is freedom-loving and independent in intimate relationships, but requires loyalty from his partner, very jealous, and not because he loves, but because he has a strong sense of ownership.

Lazarus is well aware of the anatomy of a woman, often a physician by profession, actively uses erotic techniques. He is not restrained by any barriers, he easily overcomes the shyness of his partner, disposing her to liberation and pleasure. She knows how to explain to her what is expected of her, how to behave.

Achieves the greatest excitement of the girlfriend by a variety of not only positions, but also movements. Not a supporter of a cautious approach to women, but too susceptible to unpleasant odors.

Lazarus marries late, is careful in choosing a wife. Looking for an independent and intelligent woman who is not indifferent to sex. He desperately needs the support of his wife, does not tolerate loneliness.



A rock


Zodiac sign



By the sound of iemni, Lazarus gives the impression of something good, majestic, strong, loud, brave, powerful, active, bright, joyful.

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