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Life Path Law

If everything is smooth on your way, then you are moving in the wrong lane.

Holten's insistence

The only time you can be sure is when you are sure that you are wrong.

Observation of Gabirol

The sages are happy when they discover the truth, the fools are happy when they discover a lie.

Oliver's Law

When you really need experience, you can't get it.

Foster's law

Only critics find what they are looking for in life.

The first rule of negative foresight

Do not burn bridges until you have approached them.

Hoffer's law

When people are free to do whatever they want, they usually imitate each other.

Observation of Kierkegaard

Life can be understood only by looking back, but you need to live it looking forward.

Jaff's Commandment

There are some phenomena that cannot be understood, but it is impossible to understand what these phenomena are.

Muir's law

When we try to consider any phenomenon by itself, we find that it pulls along with it all other phenomena existing in the Universe.

Axiom of Thomas Aquinas

What the gods get away with is not forgiven to the cows.

The Law of Conservation of Misfortunes

The total number of troubles and troubles in the Universe is constant.


If things are going well in one area, they are going very badly in another.

Naming law

No law will be named after the person who discovered it.


What matters is not who said it, but who named it.

Case's first axiom

Any quote that might be misrepresented will be misrepresented.

Long's law

The laws of nature have no pity at all.

Bohr's axiom

The opposite of a deep truth may well be another deep truth.

Ellis law

Progress is about replacing one inconvenience with another.

Gerhard's observation

We are making progress. Now things are not getting worse so quickly.

The fifth (and only) rule

You are taking yourself too seriously.

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