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Bao - protection
Beach - jade
Binh - world

Vienne - completion
Van - cloud
Vinh Bay

Dinh - the top
Duk - desire
Jung - love
Jin-Ho - Leader, Golden Hero
Jung - chaste, love
Dung is brave
Duong - Courageous

Yong - world

Isul - dew

Yong is bold
Yung - eternal, prosperous

Quan - soldier
Kim - golden
Kui - precious
Kui - precious
Quang - clear, clean
Kuen is a bird

Lien - lotus
Lin - spring
Lan - Peaceful

Monkut - crown
May - flower
Min - bright

Nung - velvet
Nguyen - the beginning
Ngai - herb
Nung - velvet
Ngoc is a gem
Nguet - the moon

Pakpao - kite
Puong - phoenix

Sunan is a good word

Tien - spirit
Trey - oyster
Tu - star
Tuan - bright
Tuen - ray
It melts - white snow
Thai - friendly
Than - bright, clear
Thi - poem
Thu - autumn
Thuan - tamed

Hanyul - heavenly
Hyun - wise
Hung is brave
Hoa - flower
Huong - pink
Huang - spring
Hong - rose
Huang - spring

Chi is a tree branch
Chow - pearls

Shin - trust, faith

Yuong - bravery

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