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One of the main reasons for the emergence of conspiracy theories is the inherent secrecy of political and state activities. The ideal of politics provides for complete openness, but political reality never achieves and is unlikely to be able to achieve it.

In the sphere of state activity, secrecy functions on a legal basis. As long as this area of ​​secrecy, exemplified by the activities of the special services, exists, the public will always have reason to question the official versions of some significant events.

Not all events attributed to the influence of conspiracies are such. The very status of secrecy suggests that any information about the organization may be questioned: if the information comes from the outside, then it may be unreliable, and if from the inside, then the source can be accused of deliberate disinformation.

Therefore, any organization that claims to be a secret, thereby actually gives its consent that it can be blamed for all conceivable and inconceivable misfortunes of mankind, and that these accusations cannot be refuted based on the statements of the organization itself.

A conspiracy of pharmacists. With the growth of environmental problems and the standard of living, people's health began to cause particular interest. This is where a close acquaintance with pharmaceutical companies takes place. Their names are constantly heard, and rumors of their collusion are circulated in the press. After all, it is these companies that dictate drug prices, keeping them at an unjustifiably high level. It is believed that pharmacists receive just a frenzied income - well, small pills cannot cost so much! There is talk that drugs can cause side effects, up to and including death. In such situations, companies use all their levers of influence and, under the influence of big money, the business is quickly overwhelmed. It is believed that even governments cannot influence large pharmaceutical corporations on the prices of the most important medicines. It is the manufacturers who pay the doctors extra to prescribe the most expensive course of treatment, forgetting about the cheaper options. This conspiracy is quite obvious and no one even tries to deny it. We, ordinary people, can only look at this with sadness and continue to feed the financial monsters with money - after all, we cannot do without drugs.

Satanic cults. The 80s became at times trials for America - a wave of ritual crimes swept across the country. There were murders, rapes, tortures, and child molestation. Many were able to explain this only by the fact that there is a secret Satanist cult, which aims at the complete degradation of the existing society or its destruction in general. Journalists inflated this theory to enormous proportions, as a result, the work of various experts on this issue appeared, and thousands of researchers predicted the imminent end of the world. However, over time, scientists have quietly denied such "works" and the panic around the conspiracy of the Satanists simply came to naught.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These documents allegedly indicate that there is a conspiracy of a group of the most powerful Jews in the world, who set themselves the goal of dominating the world. And this is a direct threat to all other religions and the world economy. The idea of ​​the existence of "protocols" was actively circulated in the United States; Henry Ford himself paid for the release of a book with half a million circulation about this conspiracy. As a result, the story of the Jewish conspiracy was actively used by the Nazis for propaganda purposes in order to turn other peoples against them. The book itself "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was eventually recognized as a forgery, but interest in it has not faded at all, and it is even published in one form or another to this day.

Roswell incident. In July 1947, an unidentified aircraft crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. Until now, UFO fans believe that it was an alien ship, while skeptics claim that it was an ordinary meteorological balloon. Curiosity was fueled by the fact that the US authorities classified all information related to this incident. Rumors quickly spread that some symbols had been found in the fallen vehicle, and that the corpses of aliens were even found on the outskirts of Roswell. Another theory about the Roswell Incident conspiracy is that a reconnaissance satellite fell from the sky that was tracking the Soviet Union. It is quite clear that something is being hidden from the public, but what exactly is not clear. But this story has received numerous reflection in science fiction films.

Shots fired in Dallas. This conspiracy theory is one of the most famous. In 1963, US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and the name of the real killer remained a question mark. Many books, articles and interviews have been published on this topic, and numerous experts and specialists conducted their own investigations. As a result, the opinion arose that it was not only Lee Harvey Oswald who shot Kennedy, or at least he was not acting alone. Rumors were fueled by the fact of the imminent death of Oswald, after which the public literally exploded. It seemed to many that in this way the true killers covered their tracks. There are versions of the assassination of the President by political opponents, while Oswald himself was framed or completely zombified. The fact is that to hit a person in a moving car and do it so accurately, and even twice in a row very quickly, is almost impossible. This brings up the idea that there were several shooters. And some eyewitnesses say that they heard shots from different sides. The official version of the investigation is still in great doubt, and the conspiracy is overgrown with new rumors and new details.

Paul McCartney died in the 60s. This conspiracy theory, while interesting, is slightly insane. Some people believe Paul passed away in the late 60s. His death could have been decisive for the Beatles, so it was decided to keep it, and a double with a similar voice was taken on tour. The members of the group themselves left mystical clues about this incident to their fans. So, on the cover of the album "Abbey Road" McCartney crosses the street with other musicians, but unlike them Paul is barefoot and out of step. But only true fans of the group can believe in this theory, however, it is difficult to disagree that it is intriguing.

The landing of the Americans on the moon. In the late 1960s, the Americans overtook the USSR in the space program by landing on the moon. However, this fact almost immediately began to be questioned not only in the USSR, but also in America itself. Several years later, books began to appear there asking about the credibility of those events. Skeptics were not convinced even by the collected samples of lunar soil and the arguments of specialists. It is alleged that the video footage was fabricated, while the astronaut himself hung on invisible cables while moving on the surface. People constantly argue about why the US flag flutters in the open airless space of the moon, why the ground after landing remained unharmed, and even traces of rocket launch engines did not appear on it. The theme of the fake landing is played up in many films, even computer games have been released about this, which indicates the popularity of this conspiracy theory of the American government.

Impact on the subconscious. Everyone knows the theory of the 25th frame. According to him, the media can use this technology to influence the subconscious of a person, which does not capture this frame. But the subconscious mind marks it, in this way the influence on it is carried out, forcing people to do certain actions. It is believed that this method is widely used in advertising, where the need to purchase a certain product is suggested. Musicians are trying to weave certain programs and messages into their music, and politicians to strengthen the power of their campaign speeches, forcing the electors to vote for them. Although the theory was refuted by American scientists back in the 60s, it is still alive. But the manipulation of consciousness today is possible in other, more effective ways.

Death of Lady Diana. The unexpected and tragic death of a public person always raises a lot of questions and rumors. The death of Lady Diana, which came during her difficult relationship with the royal house of Great Britain, was just such an occasion. As a result, the theory of the conspiracy of the British special services was born not by a disembodied crowd, but by a quite tangible person - billionaire Mohammed Al-Fayed, whose son was with Diana at the time of the accident. The death of the princess caused such a great shock among the public that no official explanation was simply not accepted - after all, the death of a woman was very useful for the royal house. In the course of the tragedy, many factors came together - the car was flying like an airplane, the driver was drunk, the seat belts were not wearing, the paparazzi were taking pictures instead of helping the victims. All these nuances allowed the investigation to unambiguously assert that the human factor was the cause of the disaster. And numerous fans of Diana do not believe that death was the result of a chain of tragic accidents. The princess appears to be the victim of a conspiracy, and skeptics constantly print out more and more evidence of this.

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. On this day, not only America, but the whole world shuddered. The shocking footage of aircraft colliding with New York City skyscrapers went around all news agencies. Humanity has experienced a real tragedy. The official position was born pretty quickly - America became a target for Islamic terrorists who sent planes to buildings. But soon the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 was released, which was quickly banned from showing in the US. He raised a lot of questions around the world, causing a huge resonance. The film reveals that the CIA had long and strong ties to al-Qaeda. Viewers come to the conclusion that the attacks were a deliberate victim of the government in order to strengthen its military power and economy. Today, many questions remain after the tragedy - why did the neighboring building collapse, not damaged by aircraft, why do the supporting pillars of skyscrapers bear traces of an explosion? As a result, a lot of such questions have accumulated, and no one is in a hurry to answer them. The film itself, as well as the subsequent actions of the United States in the course of the "fight against terrorism", generate more and more waves of speculation.

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