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Unfortunately, smoking has become so firmly established in human life that it has already become a real cult. Although everyone knows about the dangers of smoking, in some circles it still remains a confirmation of a person's social status.

And from what brand of cigarettes a person smokes, you can understand a lot about his position in society. And in general, the choice of a particular brand will tell you something about the smoker.

It's no secret that the tobacco business generates billions. Nevertheless, there are brands of cigarettes that remain the most famous and most popular in different countries.

Pall Mall. This brand was born back in 1899. The Butler @ Butler Company presented such cigarettes as premium. The name of the brand originated from Pall Mall located in London. In 1907, the brand was bought by American Tobacco. She developed a premium brand by changing the design and composition of the tobacco. Pall Mall's popularity flourished in the 1960s when the brand became the first in the United States. Then the green light was given to advertising for gambling, which helped to increase sales. The company also began producing new, 10-centimeter cigarettes, thereby creating a new standard. The new idea was taken up by competitors, causing Pall Mall to lose market. The most famous brand slogans in the 40s-60s were “delivers smoke further”, “outstanding” and “moderate”. In 1994, the brand was sold to Brown @ Williamson Tobacco, and in 2004, the company merged with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. The new company continued to build a successful brand both in America and abroad. In Russia, Pall Mall appeared in 1997. The logo of the brand is the coat of arms with two lions. They lean on a shield with the motto "Through the thorns to the stars." Below the shield is a banner with the phrase "You will win under this banner." Today Pall Mall is produced in more than 10 types, with different contents of nicotine and tar, types of tobacco. Cigarettes are very popular in Europe and Asia for their quality. It is interesting that the brand is quite often found in the literature, in particular, the brand was noted by its fan Kurt Vonnegut.

Camel. In 1913, the American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco introduced this brand. She was destined to become one of the most famous in history, along with Marlboro. The tobacco was a mixture of dark Turkish varieties and soft Virginia varieties. This mixture was eventually nicknamed "American Blend". Until now, most of these cigarettes have exactly this composition. The brand name is very simple and translates as camel. It is this animal that is depicted on a pack of cigarettes. Camel, thanks to skillful and active advertising, managed to conquer the market. The owner of the tobacco company Reynolds bought the Red Camel brand. The camel is said to have emerged in the wake of America's fascination with the Middle East. Then a loud advertising campaign was carried out. Newspapers shouted "Camels", "Camels are coming!", "Tomorrow the city will be full of camels!" As a result, the appearance of camel cigarettes on the pack was greeted with excitement. At the beginning of the 20th century, many posters appeared on which respectable people smoked these cigarettes. Also, the ads were supplied with loud slogans like "The beginning of the insight", "I'm ready to go a full mile for Camel." In Russia, this brand officially appeared in 1992; since 2000, cigarettes have been produced in St. Petersburg. Currently, Russia ranks fifth in the world in terms of sales of this brand. At the beginning of 2008, the packaging design was changed to a more modern one.

L @ ​​M. The trade mark appeared in 1953. Today it is produced by the Altria Group, formerly Philip Morris. The name of the cigarette comes from the abbreviation of the first two surnames of businessmen, John Liggett and Smith Meier. It was they who founded the Ligget & Myers tobacco company. Her first filter cigarettes were L @ M. The filter was white, which immediately gave a new product. Today L @ M is one of the best-selling brands in the world, loved in Europe, Latin America and Asia. In total, cigarettes were presented in six flavors, although not all of them were available in Russia. In 2007, the L @ M brand underwent major changes. A new tobacco blend, a new triple filter, was used. And the packaging began to look different. Now there are only five flavors left. The manufacturer does not ask for a lot of money for excellent quality.

Winston. This brand was launched in 1954 by R.J. Reynolds. The name comes from the city of Winston-Salem, South Carolina. There is a historical center for the processing of tobacco leaves. By that time America was fed up with strong tobacco and the same taste, a quantum leap was needed. It is said that one of the directors of RJR, Edward Darr, while vacationing in Switzerland, tried filter cigarettes. He liked the novelty so much that it was decided to release a similar product in the States. The main thing was to make sure that the filter did not interfere with smokers' taste of cigarettes. A special mixture of tobacco has appeared in new cigarettes, a variety of barley has entered into it. It was not just dried, but specially processed with temperature, giving a light caramel flavor. Immediately after its release, Winston was recognized as the best cigarette brand in the United States, from 1966 to 1972 it was generally ranked first in sales. These were the first filter cigarettes to be mass-produced in the country. In the 1970s, the brand begins to spread outside America. In 1992, she came to Russia, where she also quickly gained popularity. So, in 2011, it was the best-selling popular brand in the country. Today Winston offers over ten varieties of cigarettes, including the super-premium Winston Premier.

Marlboro. One of the most famous brands went on sale back in 1924. Thanks to a strong advertising campaign and motorsport sponsorship, the brand has become one of the most famous and popular in the world. But initially the brand was positioned as ladies' cigarettes. In those years, a woman who smoked in general was a culture shock. Such a product came about thanks to feminists who fought for equal rights. Poor advertisers struggled to instill a feminine appearance in a typically masculine product. The slogan "Gentle like Mei" was even coined. Hollywood star Mae West has become the face of the brand. And the packaging was aimed at a female audience. The filter with a strip of red color and protected teeth from yellowing, and hid traces of lipstick. No matter how hard the advertisers tried, the brand enjoyed little success. Marlboro cigarettes spoiled the ladies' breath, rewarded them with yellow teeth and coughs. After a couple of decades, the brand was generally forced to radically change. In 1953, doctors announced that smoking caused cancer. The consumption of tobacco has decreased in the country. On this wave, the owner of the brand, Philip Morris, decided to change the market niche. Now the brand was supposed to be associated with those who are afraid of dying from cancer, but cannot give up their favorite habit. If earlier filter cigarettes seemed to be feminine to everyone, now they began to symbolize safety. Manufacturers did not dare to release men's filter cigarettes for a long time, and Philip Morris decided to take a chance. For the advertising of Marlborough, courageous images were created - a sea wolf, a builder, a war correspondent. The main character was a cowboy. It was around him that the entire advertising company was built. After all, it was a symbol of the American spirit. As a result, Marlboro sales soared in just a year that cigarettes took the fourth line in the sales ranking. Cigarettes also set a new standard for packaging, the flip-top, which later became a classic. Now the smoker could not open the pack in his pocket, he had to get it out and involuntarily show it to others. Today, the popularity of the Marlboro brand is such that the product can be purchased in almost any country in the world.

Parliament. This brand is owned by the same Philip Morris company. This is the case when cigarettes emphasize the high status of their owner. After all, this is one of the most expensive brands in the world. All cigarettes have a special filter-mouthpiece that cools the smoke. Parliament's slogan reads: "Only taste touches your lips." In Russia and Ukraine, the popularity of these cigarettes through marketing has become a phenomenon. If in the USA the level of sales is about 3.5% of the total volume of the company, then in our country - all 15%. In the United States, the main consumer is an ordinary resident, while in our country cigarettes belong to the VIP category, with medium and large businessmen associated with it. Also, Parliament is loved in Israel, Argentina and Kazakhstan. The brand is positioned for those people who are striving to achieve something or have already achieved important results. The brand was born in 1931. A good advertising campaign, emphasizing care for people in the form of a mouthpiece, high quality and thoughtful pricing policy allowed the brand to take a good place in the US market in the 1940s. In the 1970s, these cigarettes began to be imported. It was this brand of the entire range of Philip Morris that became the first to leave the country. Now on the domestic market you can find six main varieties of Parliament, which differ in the content of nicotine and tar.

Kent. Lorrilard Tobacco in 1952 began producing 7-centimeter Kent cigarettes. They were named after Herbert Kent, the then head of the company. The cigarettes had an asbestos filter and had a mild taste. Over time, it became known that asbestos causes lung cancer. The company changed the composition of the filter with the asbestos-free Micronite. Sales of "Kent" increased every year; in the 1960s and 70s, the USA was the main sales market. In the 1970s, the brand was sold to British American Tobacco and sold outside the United States. But "Kent" had to endure a difficult struggle with a competitor. The cigarettes seemed heavier, and the packaging was also unsuccessful. As a result, the brand concept was changed. The manufacturer offers three types of cigarettes, differing in tar and nicotine levels. A powerful advertising campaign at the end of the twentieth century communicated a modern and innovative brand. Kent's sales skyrocketed.

Lucky Strike. The history of this famous brand dates back to 1871. In the state of Virginia, under the name "Lucky Hit", they began to sell compressed tobacco. The brand did not stand out in any way until American Tobacco decided to buy it in 1905. Luck was in keeping with the spirit of the times, the American dream. Then you could make millions by successfully investing funds. In 1916, the brand began to produce cigarettes, and since 1917 Lucky Strike has applied a new method of preparing tobacco. Now he was not only dried in the sun, but also fried. This toasterization gave the tobacco a chocolate and caramel flavor. The brand began to rapidly gain popularity. In addition, the Camel example was before my eyes, when advertising helped to skyrocket sales. If the men's market was crowded with competitors, then the women's market was much quieter. Lucky Strike was sold in green packs, and the products were advertised by Hollywood stars. In 1929, the brand even initiated the Torch of Freedom feminist parade. This brought a result - the brand took the lead, overtaking even Camel. The Lucky Strike brand has captured about 40% of the US market. During the advertising campaign, even doctors talked about the health benefits of these cigarettes. During World War II, Lucky Strike did not sleep. The color change of the pack from green to white was explained by patriotic motives. Allegedly, the country needs copper, which was contained in green paint. This is how the famous red circle appeared with an inscription in the middle. In the 1960s, the brand was still promoted through television and radio broadcasts, but its popularity declined rapidly. Plus, marketers have ignored the massive switch to filter cigarettes. As a result, today the Lucky Strike brand can only remember the glorious past. Although in 2006, the production of these cigarettes was banned in North America. They are sold in over 90 countries worldwide.

Bond. Some people choose these cigarettes because of their association with a famous special agent. In fact, there is no connection. The Bond Street brand was born long before Fleming's character, back in 1902. Then Philip Morris owned a store on London Bond Street. One of the fans of his tobacco company was King Albert, who awarded the store the title of Royal Tobacco Merchant. Then Old Bond Street cigarettes quickly began to gain popularity among residents of the capital of England. In 1919, the company was sold to the Americans, in memory of the royal gift, only the coat of arms with the crown remained, which is still adorned on the products of Philip Morris. Philip Morris paid particular attention to big brands such as Marlborough. Bond was slowly conquering the middle price segment. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, many countries have sought to embrace capitalist values. This is where Bond Street enters the stage. Today, an inexpensive brand takes leading positions in emerging markets. In the 1990s, cigarettes underwent a slight rebranding - the packaging design was changed, it became solid. Since 2006, the "Bond Street Special" has been produced, already belonging to the premium class.

Red @ White. These cigarettes are of high quality at a reasonable price. The manufacturer, Philip Morris International, classifies them in the economy segment, along with brands such as Bond street and Next. Red @ White cigarettes are very popular among the middle and working class, especially in Central Europe, Latvia. There are several types of this brand - from light to heaviest.

Hilton. This brand of cigarettes is produced by British American Tobacco. Hilton is well known in Europe. The brand offers high quality cigarettes at very affordable prices. It owes its name to the famous Hilton family, which owns a chain of prestigious hotels. There are two types of cigarettes available. Hilton Gold is a lighter option, the aroma is subtle. But Hilton Platinum is stronger, there is a persistent smell of tobacco.

New Port. This brand appeared in 1957 thanks to the American concern Lorillard Tobacco. The New Port feature is a large variety of cigarettes. Among them are light, heavy and menthol. The latter have generally become classics for America. Now they occupy about half of the US tobacco market, but outside the country it is rather difficult to find them.

Dunhill. These cigarettes are considered a symbol of luxury. The fact is that they are of very high quality, which is confirmed by the price of them. This brand is now owned by British American Tobacco. Although cigarettes cost a lot, they are still among the best-selling in Europe. The history of the brand itself is quite deep. In 1907, Alfred Dunhill opened his first tobacco shop. This was the beginning of a whole dynasty of entrepreneurs. The company produced not only cigarettes, but also cigarettes, pipes, just tobacco. Since 1982 in Cuba, Cubatabaco has been producing the Dunhull brand. Dunhill entered the Russian market in 2004, and today the brand is represented by nine varieties, the content of nicotine and tar in which differs up to 10 times.

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