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Meaning of the name

Claudia in Latin means "lame".


Little Claudia grows up very calm and balanced, never naughty, modest and shy. Since childhood, he suffers from respiratory diseases. She willingly helps her mother in the kitchen and in any housework, quickly learns to knit and sew.

With great pleasure he is busy with younger brothers and sisters, sometimes he looks after the neighbour's children.

If Klavdia has a younger brother or sister, the girl will happily, even with some fanaticism, start babysitting him. And better than a nanny to find. Claudia is attentive, patient, kind, children love her very much.

She studies well at school thanks to hard work, perseverance, and excellent memory. Claudia is not a leader among her peers, but many are drawn to her.

Growing up, Claudia becomes wiser and even more patient. She treats any troubles and problems philosophically, she waits. Claudia never asks for help from others, although she herself is always ready to help.

Claudius gets married early, but for life. And she and her chosen one are anxious about the concept of "family". Claudia is a wonderful housewife, loving wife and caring mother. Klavdia is economical, it is always cozy and warm in her house.

Claudia does not know how to lie, which is not always good. It can be overly direct in communication, which sometimes entails unpleasant consequences.

Claudia does not make a career, there are not enough stars from the sky. She works as an ordinary employee or worker, and does not grumble about fate at all. She is satisfied with a stable salary and a full social package.

Claudia's first marriage can be unsuccessful, in the second she, as a rule, finds her happiness. Claudia is prudent, cooks very tasty, devotes a lot of time to raising children, loves to receive guests.


Claudia prefers to keep her innocence until the wedding, although it is a little old-fashioned, but her husband really likes it. Together they comprehend the world of sex, especially without delving into it. For Claudia, sex is the process necessary for having children.

Other aspects of this occupation do not appeal to Claudia. No, she is not frigid, just upbringing and some convictions, as well as numerous inferiority complexes and thoughts about the economy, absolutely do not allow Claudia to relax.

Her husband, not possessing a special temperament, rarely tries to introduce Claudia to a variety of love pleasures. But if Claudia comes across a temperamental, moderately romantic, gentle and tactful lover, Claudia can be carried. She will discover the world of sex, discover the possibilities of her body, and then she cannot be stopped.


Dark brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Claudius gives the impression of something good, gentle, fast.

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