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Meaning of the name

Carolina means "queen" in Latin.


As a child, Carolina is a dreamer and a dreamer, she is cheerful and mobile. Carolina is an excellent student at school, loves to draw, writes humorous poems.

Growing up, Carolina becomes somewhat infantile, self-confidence is present only in her dreams, in life she can fully reveal herself only in the circle of her family.

She looks like a fragile delicate butterfly, in difficult life situations she just waits for her to be rescued, in response to rudeness, Carolina is lost and blushes, in love she is definitely led.

Carolina is not intended for housekeeping, cooking. She seeks to marry a richer man, to be run by a housekeeper, and to eat in a restaurant.

Carolina is a creative person, she is best at poetry and prose. However, her muse does not arrive when it is necessary, but when she pleases, so Carolina practically does not publish her masterpieces.

Carolina constantly needs care, her indecision and a certain detachment provide her with only secondary roles, but Carolina does not complain. She is satisfied with this order of things.


For Caroline, sex is part of love. She always strives to look attractive to her man, and only love and sex give her completeness in the perception of the world.

Carolina feels the fullness of life if there is a man next to her whom she can confide in, whom she loves, who suits her sexually, and who will become her patron.

Her sexual behavior depends on the feelings of her partner, Caroline is a sophisticated and romantic nature. She must first fall in love with the chosen one, and only through love will her sexual attraction reach maximum strength.

A long-term relationship is for her the basis for the emergence of sexual contact, and she reaches the highest point of pleasure solely due to tenderness, emotional closeness and the trust of a partner.

Carolina likes men of a high intellectual level; for her, it is not so much his high sexual potential that is important as a high culture of sexual behavior.

Sexual dissatisfaction is hard for Carolina, becomes restless, irritable. Her demands are quite high, and not all partners are able to satisfy this temperamental and at the same time romantically inclined woman.

Born in winter, Carolina is especially in love, sexually excitable, but at the same time strict in observing external decency, and this prevents her from being active.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Carolina gives the impression of something beautiful, solid, transparent.

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