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Meaning of the name

Casimir in translation from Polish means "to make the world public".


As a child, Casimir is quite stubborn and has a complex character. His poor health gives his parents a lot of trouble.

Casimir is brave, cocky, he studies normally, but is lazy. Casimir is like his father in everything. He is not punctual, heavy on the rise.

Casimir has many friends and acquaintances, but only one real friend. Casimir loves to play sports, sometimes he becomes a professional athlete.

Kazimir is cunning, calculating, ponders every word and every step, listens carefully to advice, but does his own thing.

Casimir reads a lot, collects stamps, coins, loves travel. She loves to tinker with radio equipment, does an excellent job of repairing.

Casimir gets married after thirty years, his chosen one is a kind and intelligent woman, a good housewife, but slightly windy.

Casimir can work as a circus performer, physician, accountant, driver, tailor, mechanic, electrician, lawyer. Casimir is neat, he has golden hands and a bright head.


Casimir is too susceptible and jealous, he does not forgive betrayal to his wife, although he himself is not averse to gulping. He can be a delightful lover and not the best choice for a husband.

Casimir can be a charming friend, outspoken and sincere, but emotionally superficial. In a relationship with a woman, he is completely captured by her youth, beauty and suppleness of the body. Compliments spoken to him at the moment of intimacy are usually truthful.

Casimir naturally strives for sexual contact and if he meets difficulties, he does not take them too close to his heart.

Casimir likes women who are much higher on the social ladder. He loves women and does not lack their choice.

For a long time he does not dare to tie himself by marriage, not being sure of his manhood. He has a broad, generous nature, he is charming, loves variety, does not tolerate a template.

Casimir is power-hungry, few people find an approach to him. For him, sex is an extremely important part of a relationship. In whatever state he is, he always remains a man.

Casimir's love is sensitive to any troubles; during intimacy with a woman, any extraneous sound or smell can unbalance him.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Cancer, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Kazimir gives the impression of something strong, brave, courageous.

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