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Meaning of the name

Irma in translation from the ancient German means "fertility".


Irma since childhood is very kind, hardworking, sociable, somewhat simple-minded. Irma is a good student at school. She has strong health, obedient, executive, in general, pleases her parents.

Growing up, Irma strives for independence, and sometimes becomes overly proud. Her demeanor is somewhat cool, sometimes it seems that she is arrogant and not kind enough. However, this is just the first sensation, it disappears as soon as you get to know Irma better.

Irma is friendly, has a good sense of humor, her fate is developing quite well. However, her somewhat difficult character can pretty much ruin her career.

Irma gets married once and is very successful. Although her family life is not devoid of small troubles, which happen mainly due to, again, her absurd nature. Her straightforwardness and pathological unwillingness to fulfill the requests and wishes of her husband often resembles the strikes of revolutionaries.

Her husband needs to have a truly angelic patience and a good sense of humor in order to get along with Irma and endure her antics. Irma does not seek to take the place of a leader in the family, she is for equality. So it's easy to come to a consensus with her.

Irma is a good housewife, she cooks deliciously, her house is always clean and comfortable. She can achieve the best success only in "free swimming". She will be good at realizing herself in her own business or in any free creative process.


Irma is subject to frequent mood swings, which is noticeably reflected in her sexual behavior. Behind the external coldness, there is a huge sensuality and passion.

In sex, Irma tends to rely on her partner, trusting his experience and skill, although she herself is capable of much. She loves to listen to her own erotic experiences, gaining experience and developing her own style of sexual behavior.

Having fallen in love with a man, Irma agrees to follow his program, provided that she accepts it. Irma has excellent intuition, she perfectly feels the mood of her partner and knows to what extent she can allow herself to reach in her requirements and desires. Irma is a devoted and always unrestrained mistress.

Irma, born in the summer, is more modest and shy; she will not speak on intimate topics either with her friends or with her lover. Her personal life is closed to prying eyes. She likes men with great sexual experience, who can subtly feel all her desires and needs.

Irma prefers men not so much experienced in terms of sex techniques, as patient and affectionate, capable of long and varied love games.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Irma gives the impression of something good, kind, beautiful.

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