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Meaning of the name

Iraida in translation from ancient Greek means "striving for peace".


As a child, Iraida is a naughty, impudent, unpredictable minx. However, Iraida usually does well at school. True, she often achieves success because of the desire to be the first in everything. Iraida has few friends, because her peers dislike her for her arrogance and derision.

Iraida doesn't like helping her parents around the house. He strives to fly out of the family nest early, after school he enters a prestigious educational institution.

Growing up, Iraida becomes very strict and demanding of others. Sometimes it seems that she is cold and even insensitive, but this is a delusion. Passions are constantly raging inside Iraida, she cannot live in peace with herself.

Iraida is very punctual, obligatory, extremely accurate, self-critical and strict with herself. She does not tolerate people who promise something and do not fulfill. Iraida constantly keeps everyone around her at some safe distance for her. Even close relatives are unable to reach her.

Iraida is friends with men, appreciates only their friendship. She is too squeamish, maintains perfect cleanliness in everything. Usually achieves success in his career. Iraida often overestimates her abilities. She has little interest in the experiences and feelings of other people.

Iraida loves to dress interestingly, with a challenge, she knows how to make an impression. Iraida enters into marriage both for love and for convenience. She loves to receive guests, knows how to get out of any situation with dignity. She never does anything to her own detriment.


Iraida will sort out men for a long time until she meets her ideal. Then she will be devoted to him in body and soul. Iraida is beautiful, sexy, men feel a deeply hidden temperament in her.

Iraida loves men who are physically and spiritually strong, but balanced, of a calm disposition, so that it is easier to gain the upper hand over them, and prefers younger ones. She always reacts nervously if she does not receive what is expected from a man.

Although Iraida herself values ​​freedom above all else, she strictly controls her chosen one, she knows his every step. She does this out of a desire to set him on the right path, but few people will like such tight control.

Iraida does not tolerate loneliness and quickly finds a replacement for her ungrateful lover. It happens that Iraida has several love relationships at the same time, not at all considering it reprehensible.

She is looking for her only man, and is free in her search. She is very interested in everything related to sex, she can spend hours discussing intimate issues.

Iraida, born in winter, often fails in love, inventing a non-existent ideal for herself and comparing all her men with it. The comparison, of course, is usually not in favor of the latter, and Iraida remains lonely. The life of Iraida, who was born in autumn, is the happiest.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Libra, Pisces, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Iraida gives the impression of something good and bright.

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