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Meaning of the name

The biblical name literally means "will be pardoned."


Ivan is a common Russian name. Boys with such a common name can have very different personalities. It can be carried both by a smart good boy and a noisy bully. Vanya is always on his mind, his character combines strength and weakness, goodness and cunning, sincere openness and cunning, tenderness and unbridled rage.

He is persistent, and if he thinks about something, he often goes ahead. However, sometimes, two steps before the goal, Ivan suddenly makes a sharp turn, demonstrating complete indifference to what seemed to be the meaning of his existence five minutes ago. He resembles a shopper who nervously flips through a catalog, but is unable to stop at something. He clearly lacks intuition, which is often the reason for failure.

The breadth of Ivan's nature also affects an extremely wide range of hobbies, moods and plans. Who can you not meet among the Ivanovs: from a hero-pilot or a writer-master of thoughts to some recidivist.

Ivan is open to the world and responsive, he is always aware of the affairs of his brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. On family holidays, he usually gathers all the numerous relatives, he is closely associated with relatives and sacredly honors family traditions. Loves noisy feasts. No one will call him stingy. Reacts violently to football matches, follows political events.

The one who marries Ivan must remember that she will have a somewhat reckless life. His house is always open, close and distant relatives, friends and colleagues feel comfortable in it. Ivan treats people simply, he is trusting and unobtrusive. Believes in the highest justice. Doesn't like compromises.

Loyal to friends and suffering greatly from the dishonest behavior of others. He is flexible, but at the same time he can be stubborn when it comes to vital interests, his own or members of his family.

Ivan values ​​marriage, but this does not mean that he will refuse the opportunity to test the power of his male charms on one of his wife's girlfriends. Although he is not jealous, he can react in completely unpredictable ways to courting the wife of other men. Often marries twice.

Ivan is a lover of household chores, but he does mostly male work. We are very fond of our children.


In an effort to get pleasure with a partner, Ivan can tune in for a long time, his sexual arousal arises with a strong desire to be with his beloved. With long-term intimate relationships, joint orgasm during intercourse is common.

Ivan's goal is to give joy to his beloved, the greatest pleasure for him is to see her happy; he loves to caress and kiss his girlfriend's erogenous zones. Doesn't like changing partners.

He needs intimacy, he feels the need for affection, his sexual reaction is only in rare cases instantaneous.

Ivan can not stand frequent meetings with his partner, she begins to annoy him, so sometimes he arranges pauses for several days between dates to give new feelings to his feelings. Then he lights up again in anticipation of affection from his girlfriend, while falling into a state of ecstasy.

Mutual orgasm especially impresses Ivan, but this happiness is possible first of all when he experiences deep love for his partner. The desire for clarity in relationships can complicate his love connection, he is hampered by falling in love. His tenderness, devotion conquer a woman's heart.

Ivan is able to satisfy the most sophisticated sexual needs of his partner. However, infidelity will drastically change his attitude towards her.

The family has a good father and husband, sex for him is primarily a way of procreation. Children of different sexes are born. Does not create conflict situations.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The meaning of the name Ivan gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, smooth, round, light, joyful.

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