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Meaning of the name

Innocent translated from the ancient Byzantine means "innocent".


Since childhood, Innokenty is docile, kind, somewhat reserved. In early childhood, he is usually sick often, which gives parents a lot of trouble.

Innokenty is modest, but has a rich inner world. He is moving towards the goal very slowly, the process itself gives him a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Innokenty is rich spiritually, he is little interested in the material side of any business. It is difficult to converge with people, but it is also very difficult to part with them. Innocent is like his mother in everything. He is very kind to the family, he does all the housework himself.

Marries a strong, confident woman, usually adopts her child from her first marriage. Their marriage is long and happy, although they are completely different.

Innokenty loves loneliness, solitude in nature, loves and pity animals very much.

Innocent is an excellent diplomat, but he mainly directs his abilities to the settlement of family and friendly quarrels. Neat and slightly squeamish.

Innocent, born in summer, is indecisive and vulnerable, so he often marries late and unsuccessfully. Friends love him very much, he is cheerful and sociable, kind and truthful. He loves his parents and never forgets to take care of them.

Innokenty, born in winter, is irritable, stubborn, but not at all conflicted. Innokenty easily solves all sorts of logic problems. He can work as a writer, actor, economist, architect, translator.


Innocent is a complex person, idealistic and romantic in sex, most of all in relationships he values ​​constancy. He chooses his partner carefully, his desire for harmony develops into a strong impulse. He loves and knows how to make gifts to his beloved. In feelings, passionate, ardent.

Innokenty has a completely sound mind, a philosophical attitude to life and a wonderful sense of humor, and this saves him in the moment of disappointment.

He is very sincere and direct in his desires, it is not difficult for a woman to get the better of him.

In sex, Innokenty is very diplomatic, he can persuade a woman to have sexual intercourse so skillfully and imperceptibly that she herself does not understand how it happened.

Innocent in love needs a certain level of comfort, he is very sensitive to the external environment, to various smells.

In marriage, Innocent becomes even more romantic and passionate, because his strong and wise wife accepts him for who he is, without trying to remake him. In closeness, he will do everything to ensure that the spouse gets maximum pleasure.


Gray blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Gemini, Libra.


The sound of the name Innokenty gives the impression of something gentle, quiet, weak, small.

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