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Meaning of the name

Isaac translated from Hebrew means "laughing".


Isaac is a very good-natured, patient and smiling boy in childhood. Calm, phlegmatic, studies well at school, does not like to upset parents. Isaac is very fond of books, his room is packed with various publications, he can read for hours, often forgetting to eat.

He is respected by his peers, although Isaac prefers the solitude of a noisy company. He is serious beyond his years, although he loves to joke, but only in the circle of the closest people.

Growing up, Isaac remains the same balanced and tactful person. He does not give in to other people's influence, and does not like to impose his opinion, although he considers it his duty to express it.

Isaac is philosophical about all the joys and difficulties of life. He has a rich inner world and a strong will.

He gives himself entirely to his favorite work, without self-interest and not wanting recognition and fame. Isaac by his labor seeks to benefit society, he believes that he should at least slightly change the world for the better. He is a very bright and strong personality, but he does not strive for high positions and ranks, he is not interested in this.


Isaac is very popular with women, he is always elegantly dressed, with a good sense of humor, generous, radiates warmth and goodwill.

Isaac is an extremely gentle and touching spouse. He loves to give a lot of pleasure to his girlfriend, without demanding anything in return.

In sexual intercourse, it is of great importance for him to establish contact with a partner, her support. The strength of sexual relations deepens his trust in the chosen one, promotes mutual understanding, enhances desire.

Isaac is prone to long erotic games, they cannot tire him. He attaches great importance to the woman's intellect and her sense of humor; Isaac, when meeting, practically does not pay attention to how she is built. For Isaac, a woman's sexuality is in her inner content, not outside.

Sex with a constant friend, necessarily smart and interesting woman for him means a complete feeling of love and deepest pleasure. For Isaac, complete pleasure is the harmony of body and soul.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Sagittarius, Leo.


The sound of the name Isaac gives the impression of something round, gentle, kind.

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