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Meaning of the name

Ilona means "starry" in Hebrew.


Since childhood, Ilona is able to stand up for herself and her loved ones, she is an extremely purposeful and fair girl. Parents and teachers don't get enough of her. Ilona is smart, somewhat strict, patient, has good health and a healthy sense of humor.

Ilona's career growth is slow but sure, difficulties and troubles do not interfere with her, they just slow down a little upward movement. Ilona is not gullible to people, practically does not give in to other people's influence, often overestimates her strength and capabilities.

Ilona is a very energetic woman, she is able to perform any amount of work and does not get tired at all.

Ilona, ​​born in winter, is light on her feet, loves travel, excursions. Ilona loves to act very quickly in any situation, she is unnerved by postponed affairs. Ilona does not respect slow people either.

Ilona, ​​born in spring, is creative and has talents. She is caring, loved by friends, popular, sociable, cheerful.

Ilona is a bright personality, loves to be in the spotlight. Ilona gets married early, often unsuccessfully. Can work as an engineer, architect, writer, teacher.


In love, Ilona is not able to ponder her actions and never listens to advice. Her intimate life is full of anxiety. Every time she starts a new relationship, she rushes headlong into the pool of love and passion.

In addition to everything, Ilona is an inquisitive person, looking for new experiences, including sexual ones. She loves the change of sensations, happily picks up new ideas.

For Ilona, ​​sex is always a kind of performance, where there is a place for improvisation. Her sexual possibilities are practically unlimited, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Ilona is easily aroused, reacts with frankness and enthusiasm, but does not want to completely obey male desires. Often Ilona's sexual activity is a kind of way to make up for the shortcomings of her emotional life, a means to diversify her personal life.

Ilona is a beautiful woman, there is in her, attracting strong, self-confident men, a certain breakdown, external hopelessness, mysterious sadness.

Ilona does not always remain faithful in marriage, but she does not lose her head - her husband is constantly in pleasant ignorance. Ilona can simultaneously maintain close, rather harmonious relationships with two or even three men. By the way, her men never find out about the existence of rivals.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Ilona gives the impression of something subtle, cold.

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