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Amlasi - a small village

Bolder - Prince

Wiarter - will survive the war
Wermander - protector of man
Vilhjalmer - helmet

John is good god
Jonas is a dove
Jonathan - God gave

Johannes is a good god

Johan is a good god

Kristjan - follower of Christ

Ludwick is a famous warrior
Larus - from Lorentum

Olafer - heir, descendant
Oscar is a deer lover

Pall - small
Peter - rock, stone

Thor - thunder
Triggvi - trustworthy

Ulfganger - path of the wolf
Ulfhrafn - the raven of the wolf

Fritrick is a peaceful ruler

Hakan - the tall son
Harolder - army ruler
Hjorter - deer
Hinrik - Household Ruler
Hallbjorn - rock bear
Halldore - Rock of Thor
Hrafn the Raven

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