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Meaning of the name

Christina in translation from ancient Greek means "Christian", "dedicated to Christ".


Little Christina looks like her father, she is attached to him more than to her mother. She is happy to help her parents, kind, sociable, but too touchy. The girl has no problems with her studies, although she is often sick and misses classes. But, having a well-developed intellect and perseverance, she is quite capable of independently mastering knowledge and catching up on lost time. She doesn't have very many friends, although Christina is very sociable.

The adult Christina is persistent and irreconcilable, her character largely depends on the time of birth. For example, Christina, born in winter, has a complex character. She loves to argue on any occasion, is hot-tempered, can offend a person in vain, it is difficult to get along even with her own mother. Despite this, she has many friends and girlfriends.

Born in the summer, Christina is calmer and more easygoing, but she also conflicts with colleagues at work and with her superiors, which greatly interferes with her career advancement. If he can control himself, he can achieve success in any field, especially in the field of education and business.

Khristina has a strong, authoritarian character, at any cost she tries to climb the career ladder as high as possible, reaching leading positions she becomes a tough, unforgiving leader. Loves long trips and travel, will not refuse long business trips.


Christina loves to dress brightly and in an original way, to adorn herself with many trinkets, prefers the company of men. She is outwardly restrained, but easily excitable, has an indomitable temperament, longs for ardent love and tenderness.

If a man shows persistence, then behind ostentatious timidity and shyness he will find a riot of passions and will be truly happy with her. In bed, she is active, and sometimes very aggressive. She is sophisticated in love games, knows how to get maximum satisfaction from intimacy herself, and to deliver a lot of unforgettable erotic sensations to her partner.

Christina marries early, the first marriage is often unsuccessful. She longs to excel in the family, does not accept objections on any occasion. In addition, this woman is extremely jealous, which does not contribute to a cloudless family life.

But after getting married the second time, Christina takes into account the previous negative experience, becomes more accommodating, manifesting herself as a loving wife and mother, a good housewife, neat, clean, and moderately wasteful. She doesn't get along with her mother-in-law.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Gemini, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Christina gives the impression of something rough, angular.

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