Female gypsy names

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Vadoma - knowledge
Vayolka - purple
Viollka - purple

Jaell - wild goat
Jofranka - free
Dika - from Magdala
Donka is invaluable
Drina - their Hadriyas

Kizzy - cinnamon tree

Lala - tulip
Luladja - the flower of life
Luminitsa - small, light
Lyuba - love
Lover - love

Mala - necklace
Mirela - delightful

Nadia - hope

Simza - joy
Stanka is a great government

Taleita is a little girl
Tsera - light of dawn
Tseritsa - light of dawn
Tshilaba - the seeker of knowledge

Fifika - she will increase
Florica - flower

Shofranka - free

Aish - alive
Esmeralda - emerald

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