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Abo - in honor of the holy martyr Abo Tbileli, who converted to Christianity
Auto - the heart of the homeland
Anton - warrior, leader
Avtandil - the heart of the motherland
Amiran - ruler, tall
Archil - correct, open, blessed
Alika - defender
Aliko - defender
Alex is a defender

Badri - full moon, perfect creation
Baram - the exorcist of the demon Verethre
Beso - the son of his beloved wife, the son of the right hand
Besarion - wooded gorge
Berdia - given by God, a gift from the Lord
Berdo - given by God, a gift from the Lord
Bitchia - youth, boy
Bijo - young
Bichiko - boy

Vano - the grace of God
Vaso - royal
Vakhtang - wolf body, wolf
Vazha - courageous, knight
Wepho - tiger

Genatsvale is a friend
Geronti - the old man, the oldest
Gia - Farmer
Gogi is brave
Giorgi - Farmer
Gogita - Farmer
Gocha - old man, little
Guram - the exorcist of the demon Verethre

David is beloved
Dato is the beloved
Daniel is the judge of God
Jano - in love, with a burning heart
Dzhansug - in love, with a burning heart
Janiko - in love, with a burning heart
Jumber - a young lion
Dursun - Remaining

Zaza - old man, old man
Zviad - arrogant, arrogant
Zurab - a red gem

Iago - following someone
Elijah - the fortress of the Lord
Ilya - the fortress of the Lord
Irakli - hero, glory to Hera
Irakli - hero, glory of Hera
Ivane - the grace of God

Kakha - from Kakheti, winner
Koba is a follower

Lado - owning the world
Lasha - light, light
Levan - lion
Lomi - lion
Lion - lion
Leon - lion
Levter - free
Luke - light
Lucian - light
Lucia - light

Malkhaz - prince
Mamuka - sunrise
Mgeliko - wolf cub

Nikolai - the conquering people
Nikoloz - the victorious people
Nikandro is the winner of husbands
Nugzar - very young

Otar - fragrant, medicine
Otia - fragrant, medicine

Pavle - small, small
Pavlia - small, small
Pavliko - small, small
Petre - stone, rock
Patria - stone, rock
Petia - stone, rock
Peta - stone, rock
Peto - stone, rock
Petrois - stone, rock
Petua - stone, rock

Revaz - great, outstanding
Rezo - great, outstanding
Reziko - great, outstanding
Growth is a hero
Born - a martyr
Rustam is a hero, mighty

Saba is an old man imprisoned
Sergi - tall, highly respected
Sergo - tall, highly respected
Sergia - tall, highly respected
Soso - addition, increase
Sula - soul
Suliko - darling

Tamta - dedicated to God, strong, courageous
Tamazi is a twin
Tamaz is a strong rider
Tariel - the hero king
Tengiz is great, strong
Temur - iron
Timur - iron
Titus - honor, honor
Titia - honor, honor
Titiko - honor, honor
Tito - honor, honor
Tornike is the winner

Hvicha - shiny, shimmery
Chichiko is a man

Shalva - the world
Shavela - peace
Shaliko - peace
Shalika - the world
Shaluta - the world
Shota - fire
Shukri - Farmer

Iago - following someone

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