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Meaning of the name

George in translation from ancient Greek means "noble".


He has disgust from childhood to old age. Little Zhorik is unlikely to eat the bitten candy. At school age, he keeps aloof from his comrades, but not so much that this is regarded as arrogance. As soon as there is opposition to the team, it takes a step back, and warmth reappears in its relations with peers. Loving, generous and magnanimous.

Among strangers they are closed, in their own circle - the soul of society. What he cannot bear is lies, especially in family life. The man is cheerful and easy-going, and he is looking for the same wife. He does not strive for leadership in the family.

In troubled, transitional, troubled times, George is in plain sight: someone likes him, someone hates him, but in times of stable and calm, George becomes invisible. According to the emotional impression, confirmed by the analysis, this is a young man prone to adventures, reckless, desperate and, quite possibly, at odds with the law. His mind is resourceful and flexible, but an extremely high opinion of himself does not make him especially attractive in the eyes of others.

George does not reach the point, after which comes the opposition to his comrades. It is necessary to pay tribute to the resilience of this person in troubles and misfortunes: he tries not to betray his condition in any way and behaves as if nothing happened to him.

He is attracted to the ability to listen to the interlocutor and keep other people's secrets. He has a talent for beautifully expressing his thoughts on paper. Wherever he works, he will always take the assigned work with great responsibility.

In the society of strangers, they are closed, in their circle they are not averse to gossiping, although they are friendly to people. Purposeful and cunning; indecisive with women.

Family life with Georgy is going well. You just need to remember that he cannot bear a lie. Even cute female lies makes him different from himself. True, having shouted, he quickly calms down.

He does not strive for leadership in the family; power is reasonably divided between both spouses. He does not mind that the family's money was kept by his wife, considering it even convenient, since it saves one unnecessary trouble.

George is not forgiving, he makes fun of those he dislikes, but without anger. After drinking, he becomes pensive. In his free time, he likes to walk with children, but constant communication with them tires him.


George is very emotional and sexy. He has a sense of humor, he is able to arrange, relax a woman, make her sympathetic with just a smile. With a partner like George, a woman will always experience the highest pleasure. He achieves complete satisfaction with the one he has known for a long time, often and regularly engaging in sexual contact with her.

But first of all, he needs his girlfriend to caress him, touch her body with her lips, whisper crazy words. Rarely does George show impatience and perseverance. Usually, preliminary play is very important for him, in particular, kisses of his partner's breasts arouse him.

George belongs to the type of men who does not light up immediately (especially for those born in winter), so his chosen one must master the whole variety of techniques and poses. His sexual behavior is largely determined by the environment in which intimacy takes place, and his own psychological state.

The experiences associated with George's success in sex make him more open, active, and efficient. His satisfaction with intimate life largely depends on whether he is able to regularly bring a woman to orgasm. The completeness of a partner's erotic feelings is the greatest source of happiness for George.

He is not inclined to change friends often. He is attracted to women who are passionate, easily excitable, capable of enjoying foreplay for a long time.

In a married life, he is difficult, he is too straightforward, not always able to make concessions, prudent and pragmatic. Will not allow the leadership of the spouse, will not tolerate any power over himself. Chooses a life partner for a long time, is careful in decisive moments.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name George gives the impression of something safe, angular, hot, small, fast, bright.

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