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NBS Broadcasting Corporation Supplement

You will never be able to exhaust the deposits of the bad that can happen.

Juarez's laws

1. People are the only living creatures capable of returning along the road already passed back in order to still make those mistakes that they had previously been able to avoid.
2. The more the number of persons involved in some event, the less intellectual each of its participants becomes.

Campbell's Law

The less you do, the fewer mistakes you can make.

Cook's Law

It is always difficult to notice what is simply not there.

Ford Council

Failure is an opportunity to start over, but only smarter.

Murray's Law

If you didn't succeed the first time, then skydiving is not for you.

Wolfe's Law of Life Plans

It is best to start right from where you are now.

Hofstadter's law

Any business always takes longer than you expect, even if you take into account Hofstadter's law.

Gilbertason's Law

Nothing can be considered fool-proof if that fool is talented enough.

Barber's rule

Anything worth doing should be done in abundance, in abundance.

Margot's law

Advice refers to what we ask for when we already know the answer, but would like not to know it.

Melnik's law

If you are doing well from the start, try not to look too surprised.

Dates' law of self-importance

The rage generated by the misspelling of someone's last name in a newspaper article is directly proportional to the degree of obscurity of the person concerned.

Finagle's Law according to Niven

The willfulness and cunning of the universe tends to strive for the maximum.

Apple's Law of Disease Healing

It is impossible to be healed of a disease that you do not have.

Seventh Law of Product Design

No problem is so big that it cannot be attached somewhere.

Einstein on problem solving

It is impossible to solve problems using the same method of reasoning for this Purpose that we used when we created them.

Maxim Francis Bacon

Truth is much more easily born as a result of a mistake than as a result of confusion.

The first rule of earthworks

If you are already sitting in a deep hole, then there is no need to dig further.

Issavi-Wilcox principle

Problems grow exponentially, solutions grow in arithmetic.

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