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Meaning of the name

Henrietta in translation from ancient German means "noble beauty", "rich", "powerful".


Henrietta as a child is a real boy. Parents will have to come to terms with the fact that their daughter will come home with a broken nose, then climb a tree, or turn out to be the goalkeeper of the yard football team.

Henrietta's character is masculine, she is not suspicious, she is firm, stubborn, decisive, easy-going, does not love and does not understand spineless people. She is really interested only with strong people equal to herself.

Everything that Henrietta does not take, in her hands argues and burns. She solves any questions spontaneously, failures do not upset her. The housekeeping is easy to manage, without the hassle of cleaning windows or floors. Also, without problems, but carefully brings up children.

Henrietta is often a creative person, she knows all the torments and doubts of creativity. Her passion is books, theater, cinema. These women make good actors, lawyers, doctors, journalists.

Henrietta treats her parents with respect, but with her mother is never sincere.


Henrietta is restrained and modest, although she learns the intimate side of life quite early. She feels more confident when she has an affectionate partner with her. With mutual attraction, Henrietta is able to be relaxed with a man, receive and give pleasure, but she needs time to adapt to him, to explore the range of his acceptability in sex.

Henrietta is happy with a man who has more sexual experience and sufficient activity than she. She strives to create an atmosphere that would contribute to the maximum enjoyment of love play. And Henrietta knows a lot about it, owning a large arsenal of positions and ways to bring a partner to the highest point.

In the sexual process, she knows how to control herself and carefully observe her partner during foreplay, playing with him like an affectionate cat with a mouse: skillfully leads to a climax, and then moderates her efforts.

Henrietta seeks to subdue her partner and satisfy, first of all, her sexual needs. If she does not succeed, she, without hesitation, can break up with him. She is looking for a partner with whom she would achieve sexual harmony.

Henrietta assigns an important role to the physiological aspect of love relationships and does not tolerate frigid men. Having found the one she needs, having confidence in his feelings, she becomes balanced, affectionate, seeks to give him maximum pleasure.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn.


The sound of Henrietta's name gives the impression of something safe, angular, hot, small, fast.

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