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Aed - fire
Aedan - fire
Aedh - fire
Ayomhair - archer
Ayomhar - archer
Iomhair - archer
Anraoi - home ruler
Anrey - home ruler
Antan is invaluable
Antane - invaluable
Aodh - fire
Aodhagan - fire
Aongas - choice
Aongus - choice
Athol - New Ireland

Bartle - son of Talmay
Bartley - son of Talmay
Benneit - Blessed
Bernard - bold as a bear
Bitan - life
Blaan - yellow
Bradan - salmon
Briartak - sailor
Broadair is a dream
Bhaltair - ruler of the army
Bhateir - ruler of the army
Barthlimid - son of Talmay

Goiridh - the world of god
Gollchobhar - foreign aid
Goreidh - God's World
Grada - noble
Greyogair - cautious, alert
Grigoir - careful, vigilant

Dubhglas - stream
Dubhgol - darker, stranger
Dubhshlane - Dark Aspirant
Dalak - Gathering
Deradkhan - wanderer
Deorsa - peasant
Gilchrist - Servant of Christ
Diglan is totally good
Doleidh - world ruler
Domnol - world ruler
Donnachaidh - Warrior
Donndabhan - small
Donnchadh - Brown Warrior
Donaidh - world ruler
Duibhin - little African American
Duibhshit - the black world
Deibheidh - beloved
Deybhidh - the beloved
Davidh - beloved
Datie - fast
Daniel - God is my judge

Yarlate - Lord
Yarfhlate - Lord
Eamon - protector of prosperity
Eamonn - Defender of Prosperity
Imher - archer
Inna is a bird
Ingraig - home ruler
Ichtayerna - god of horses

Kazal - fighting against the ruler
Kazaoir - warrior
Kazarnak - a soldier, militant
Kazasak - vigilant, awake
Kazeld - fighting against the ruler
Kayonaodh - born of fire
Kalbhak - bald
Kalvag - bald
Kaoidhin - fifth
Kaoimhin - pretty, beloved
Kaoindilbhan - small, smooth, even
Kaointin - the fifth
Kaollade - slender
Kaomh - pretty, beloved
Katoldus - fighting against the ruler
Cathair - warrior
Katel - fighting against the ruler
Kahal - fighting against the ruler
Kahir - warrior
Kerbhol - dilettante
Kerbollan - Little Dilettante
Qian - distant, distant
Qianan - distant, distant
Kiar - black
Kiardha - black, dark
Kinaed - born of fire
Kinneiday - ugly head
Kliamain - gentle and merciful
Koilin - puppy, young puppy
Koinin is a small wolf
Koinnich - pretty, accurately made
Koisim - steady
Colin - puppy, young puppy
Komgal - the joining, the promising
Komgan - born together
Komkhgan - born together
Komhgol - Joint Pledge
Conan is a small wolf
Konlaed - purified by fire
Konlaodh - purified by fire
Conn is in charge
Konol - strong as a wolf
Conollan - small but strong as a wolf
Conry is the main king
Cormac - son of pollution
Kowall - the joining, the promising
Ku bhuidh - yellow wolf
Kuidaitich - assistant
Kaileen - puppy, young puppy
Kannech - pretty, accurately made
Kainnich - pretty, accurately made
Kayside - curly (hair)
Carbr - charioteer, cabby

Lachtna - colored milk
Leon - lion
Lohman - a little naked
Lomman - a little naked
Lochland - land of lakes
Lochlane - land of lakes
Laigin - spear

Makdara - the son of the oak
Manga is a dear friend
Maodhog is my dear
Maoilayos - Servant of Jesus
Maoilmhin - a small chief
Maolgfhogmhair - the keeper of the harvest
Maol-maodhog - follower of Naedok
Martan - from Nars
Martainn - from Nars
Mathamhain - bear
Murty the sailor
Merchadh - sea warrior
Micheil - Who Is Like God?
Muichichtak - sailor
Martyn - from Nars
Murgis - sea, forbidden
Muriartak - sailor
Muridhak - sea warrior
Murich - sea warrior
Murchertak is a qualified seaman

Naois - choice
Naos - choice
Neill is the champion
Nikal - victory of people
Niol is the champion
Nuollan the little wrestler

Odhran - a little painful
Oengus - choice
Oilayall - elf
Oillill - elf

Padraig - nobleman
Padraig - Nobleman
Paidin - little nobleman
Part - son of Talmay
Partalan - son of Talmay
Partlan - son of Talmay
Partnan - son of Talmay
Parthlan - son of Talmay
Pidar - rock, stone
Pilib - horse lover
Proinsias - free

Ragnol is a wise ruler
Riagan - angry, impulsive
Ryan is the little king
Riemann is a wise defender
Risterd is powerful and brave
Roban - famous
Royberd - famous
Ruadh - red
Ruadhan - slight redness
Ruisert - powerful and brave
Rueydhri - the red king
Raybert - famous
Ragane is the little king

Sayoltak - sowing, fruitful, producing many offspring
Sayomon - the listener
Sayotrun - God's world
Seok - good god
Sigdh - like a hawk
Sillag - light head
Sillak - bright head
Sillachan - small light head
Sillair - Basement Worker
Sim - listening
Simidh - hearer
Sintigern - head, chief
Siridin - the seeker
Sisnan - bodyguard
Sistnan - bodyguard
Styofan - crown
Stiana - crown
Suilibhan - small dark eyes

Tayernak - Lord
Tyernan the Little Lord
There is a twin
Tamhas is a twin
Tijernak - Lord
Tijernan the little lord
Tygernmaglus - the lordly prince
Tomaag - twin
Tomakhan - twin
Thomas is a twin
Thorin is the main
Tuazal - ruler of the people

Ultan - from Ulster

Faelan - small wolf
Fayonnbharr - Fairhead
Fionngol - a stranger
Fionnlag - Warrior
Faolan - small wolf
Fachtna - hostile, malicious
Feidhlim is good
Feidhlimidh - good
Fergal - a man of valor
Fergas is a strong personality
Ferdorcha is a dark man
Ferchar - dear man
Philibe the horse lover
Phillin is a small wolf
Flannabhra - red eyebrows
Flannchadh - Red Warrior
Floin - red, ruddy
Frang - free
Frangan - free

Eibcher - archer
Eibhir - archer
Eiderd - Guardian of Prosperity
Eimkhin - ready, fast
Einri - House Ruler
Eirinn - the world
Eilell - elf
Eilill - elf
Eylpein - white
Eilfriide - Elf Council
Eilefried - Elf Council
Eoin is a good god
Euon - Well Born

Yudard - Guardian of Prosperity
Joemann - defender of prosperity

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