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Meaning of the name

Georges translated from ancient Greek means "farmer".


In childhood, restless, cocky. He has a strong character. He is persistent, brave. Georges is always honest. Physically developed, engaged in swimming, boxing, wrestling.

In adulthood, the character does not change: Georges is just as cheerful and resourceful, knows how to stand up for himself. He is hardworking, does not like to change jobs. He is a materialist, he treats people trustingly, but he will definitely check everything himself.

Georges constantly finds himself in unpleasant situations, but does not break down, does not betray his friends, fights for justice. He reads a lot, but most of all he loves adventure novels.

Easily finds friends, but just as easily breaks up with them if he sees their dishonesty. An avid traveler, fidget. With all this, Georges is very vulnerable and sensitive, sexy. A broad nature, not averse to taking a walk, has success with women.

Georges is outwardly intelligent, selfish, often looks in the mirror; he is married several times and does not regret the severed previous ties. Mostly boys are born in marriage. Georges loves dogs and pays a lot of attention to them, walks with them in the evenings.

He drives a car with pleasure, but does not like to do repairs. Can work as an engineer, teacher, trainer, journalist, singer-songwriter, architect, lawyer, enterprise manager, driver, businessman.

Georges is proud, does not know how to adapt to anyone, cannot find an approach. It is difficult to please him, which creates certain difficulties in communication. Georges is obligatory, keeps his word. There are many adventures in his life. The nervous system is upset.

Georges does not like idle pastime, it always seems that meetings, cocktails are a waste of time, distracting him from important matters. If he still has to perform secular duties, he does so with his usual grace, but without much enthusiasm.

Georges is not one of those who build illusions and indulge in dreams. He is very busy and has time to do a lot of things at work, and in the evening he likes to watch TV or play cards with friends. On all sorts of nonsense, he does not want to waste time. It seems to many that Georges is constantly thinking about something intensely, and this is true.

One can read calmness and poise in Georges's features, it seems that he is indifferent to his appearance, but when no one sees him, he often looks at his toilet in front of the mirror, carefully straightens his hair.

Likes to pose in front of the camera and the camera. He dresses in the latest fashion, is very neat, this is of great importance to him. Although Georges cannot be called a dreamer, outwardly he looks so romantic, as if he had just descended from heaven.

He is annoyed by the vulgarity and stupidity of people, he becomes nervous, grumpy. But most of the time, Georges is calm. He is responsive, helps the sick and disadvantaged, an altruist.

For him, every marriage seems to be successful, although he may be married several times. From each marriage, he brings out some benefit for himself. They remain friends with their spouse for many years, with children they willingly maintain warm, loving relationships.


Very sexual, often guided by feelings and emotions, the sexual attraction is so great that he "loses" his head; this often leads to unpleasant consequences. He blindly follows his desires, trying to satisfy them at all costs.

He is secretive, does not share his love victories with anyone. He is not interested in public opinion, nothing can influence Georges.

He is in constant search of beautiful women for sexual entertainment, does not like long-term intimate relationships. He is beautifully built, charming, charm and physical strength, poise and irrepressible temperament are successfully combined in him.

She cannot pass by an attractive woman, she will definitely give her a compliment, write down her phone or make a date. He is stubborn and persistent, always seeking the location of the woman he likes. He has good intuition, immediately feels false in the attitude of his partner towards him.

He knows perfectly well what he wants from a woman, does not reassure her, immediately puts everything in its place and does not give a reason to count on a serious relationship. He treats all his partners warmly, rarely does any of them remember him with resentment. Will not allow a woman to lead him or impose her opinion.

With a temperamental partner, he can meet many times, but at some intervals, so as not to give her the opportunity to become attached to him. Most suited to his temperament "December" woman, especially he himself ate "December", but not for marriage.

He is an experienced lover, knows the erogenous zones of his partner perfectly, sometimes even better than herself. He likes women with long slender legs, short hair. He is unpredictable, can explode unexpectedly, try to immediately gratify sexual desire, even in an unsuitable environment for this.

Georges prefers a prolonged sexual intercourse, he is tireless: his temperament does not fade with age. Sometimes, through sex, he relieves the stress of a hard day. In intimate relationships, he is emotional and resourceful, likes to try new tricks.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Georges gives the impression of something good, simple, majestic, rude, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, big, active.

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