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Meaning of the name

Philip is translated from ancient Greek as "loving horses".


As a child, Philip is moody and restless. Little Philip has weak immunity. Philip looks like his mother, but has a paternal character. Philip is a little greedy. Philip has many talents, but his natural laziness does not allow them to open up.

Philip, born in winter, has a difficult character, likes to argue, sometimes bringing the interlocutor to a state of "half-hysterics". Philip willingly, with enthusiasm, takes up any business, but soon his "fuse". goes out, and he does not bring the matter to the end.

Philip, born in the summer, seeks to achieve a good financial situation as soon as possible, and only after that he starts looking for a wife.

Philip loves traveling, looking for work associated with a large number of business trips. Philip can work as a doctor, turner, lawyer, pilot, combine operator, tractor driver, farmer.

Philip is looking for a spouse among calm and flexible women. In marriage, Philip is kind, generous, non-conflicting. He always helps her with the housework, is happy to tinker with the children.


Philip is a typical playboy. He constantly strives to sleep with the largest number of women, mainly to prove to himself that he is the best lover.

In his youth, Philip leads a rather stormy sex life, completely not caring about feelings. Philip constantly scrolls the sexual intercourse in his head, remembering how many times he had an orgasm, how many times his partner behaved, how his friend behaved, whether she was pleased, how he looked in the light of a night lamp, etc.

Philip treats sex as a learning process, and tries to bring his skills to perfection. Philip likes to discuss his love meetings with friends, he spreads rumors about himself as a super lover.

Philip is not capable of deep feelings and high relationships. In sex, he is a technician. Philip's sexual behavior is unpredictable, he likes to surprise his partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Philip gives the impression of something complex, dark, weak.

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