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Today the genre of stand-comedy has firmly entered our life. But this genre did not originate in Russia.

In the West, comedians no longer read from a piece of paper, offering viewers old jokes "from the Internet." After all, there are many styles and trends, often we see only the tip of the iceberg.

But the genre is naturally determined by its stars. We will tell below about the most important stars of stand-up comedy, including here the Russian one, working in this particular genre.

Richard Pryor. One of the legendary representatives of this genre, Jerry Seinfield, the hero of the series about himself, called Pryor neither more nor less "The Picasso of this profession." Doubts, perhaps, are controversial. But it is obvious that the son of a boxer and a prostitute, raised by a grandmother who owns a brothel, has managed to become one of the greatest American stand-ups. Prior's work greatly influenced all those who followed in his footsteps. And he started back in the late 1950s, at first as an ordinary comedian. Then Pryor worked mainly with the white public. However, after 10 years, the artist realized that such a situation was a dead end for him and was able to be reborn. Like most of the great American humorists, Pryor based his sketches on material from his own life. And she was truly insane, so there was something to tell. Even when Pryor became an internationally recognized genius, he somehow doused himself from head to toe with rum and got down to the difficult task of making refined cocaine. But the artist suddenly caught fire and in this form began to run through the streets. The family decided that Richard decided to commit suicide in such an unusual way. And this story became one of the most famous numbers of comedians, while he was able to tell it at the same time funny and touching. Example of a joke: “Burning ass is inspiring. This technique is to be used in the Olympic Games. I myself once ran the 100m in 4.3 seconds. "

George Carlin. Thanks to this pillar of American stand-up, the genre acquired all the features that we see in it today. Karlin was considered a specialist in black humor, nevertheless, his speeches were permeated with sharp social criticism, it doesn't matter if the comedian talked about global things or everyday trifles. It was Karlin who became the star of the first years of the existence of the HBO channel, thanks to him, television has significantly expanded the boundaries of what is permitted. The famous number of the comedian "Seven words that cannot be said on TV" even became the cause of a scandal and a trial. But for the history of censorship in the media, this was an important event. As in the case of Pryor, today Karlin's notes and manners can be found in almost any stand-up comedian. An example of a joke: “Have you noticed that most of the opponents of abortion are women with whom you would not even make love? Such is the balance in nature. "

Louis CK. George Carlin's grumpy style had many followers, but Louis CK became the most successful, versatile and incredibly funny. His career began in the 1990s as an assistant on the evening shows of Letterman, O'Brian and other TV stars. But at their age, Louis could not stand out for a long time, until in the mid-2000s he suddenly stumbled upon his own gold mine. The comedian began to talk about the theme of the midlife crisis so close to many, about the flabby men who are surrounded by children and understand the failure of their marriage. On stage, Xi Kay looked like an annoyed rude person who swears with everyone - with children, hipsters, animals, and even with himself. In terms of the lack of political correctness, only Ricky Gervaise can argue with Si Kay. Only behind all the ruthlessness of Xi Kay, who calls his children assholes and wishes death to his acquaintances, one can see not only his sick stomach, but also a huge kind heart. Since 2010, the comedian began to write texts for himself. CK even began filming and producing the sitcom "Louis". They say that this thing on American television is a real diamond. Example of a joke: “When chicks go crazy, they show everyone their boobs. And when the aunts go crazy, they kill their husbands and drown the children in the bathroom. "

Bill Hicks. We can say that this comedian is a kind of alternative to Karlin. His performances are even more evil, caustic and cynical. Hicks looks like a smart guy, who is written to perform in small clubs, gradually killing his life with forbidden pleasures. And although smoking and alcohol remained his companions, the artist managed to achieve considerable fame, albeit mainly due to scandals. Hicks never tried to please everyone, and those who still liked him, the artist was not afraid to be rude and insult them. Karlin was just trying to teach the country to throw off the usual bigotry, and Hicks took humor to new heights. He showed that you can laugh at everything - even Hitler and genocide, if that makes any sense. The star comedian died in 1994, only at the age of 32 - abuse made itself felt. Sample joke: “How much do you smoke a day, sir? A pack? Oh my God, go put on your dress and smoke your gay pack. Yes, I spend two lighters a day! "

Andy Kaufman. There is no more mysterious person in stand-up history than Kaufman. It is generally difficult to call him a comedian or stand-up artist; he himself in every possible way denies his belonging to any genre. Today they would say that it was Kaufman who gave birth to such a phenomenon as "trolling". In any case, Andy never knew how, and perhaps did not want to joke in the traditional sense of the word. On stage, the comedian performed in various roles, presenting characters invented by him. It was either a Polish immigrant, or Presley's impersonator, or a bad, loser singer. One of the heroes was Kaufman himself, who felt comfortable in the form of a freak, albeit one who tested the patience of the public. Many people today ask the question: what was the real and normal Kaufman like? The actor joked about his desire to fake his own death for so long that when he died of lung cancer in 1984, many simply did not believe him. It was Andy Kaufman who was portrayed by Jim Carrey in the 1990 film Man in the Moon. The band R.E.M. dedicated their song to the legend of the genre.

Ricky Gervaise. It has become common for stand-up representatives to start on the stage of the club, and eventually get on television with their sitcom. In the case of Jervaze, everything happened exactly the opposite. At first Jervaze managed to be the vocalist of the little-known band "Seona Dancing", working in the new wave genre. He then starred in the lead role of the English version of The Office. That work brought him fame, so that Gervaise appeared already famous on the stand-up stage. Obviously, the actor is not as professional as his more stellar counterparts. But Ricky compensates for the lack of experience in the genre with his charm and lack of boundaries in terms of political correctness. Gervaise makes jokes about fat people, dwarfs, representatives of sexual minorities and does it in such a way that everyone laughs sincerely. And the actor devotes his performances to large and serious topics - fame, politics, science. And although lately Gervaise has been too distracted by the management of the Golden Globes, he soon promised to present a new show with the promising title Humanity. An example of a joke: "I am half French and half English, so their best qualities come together in me ... I am terrible in bed, but I have a bad breath."

Billy Connolly. The Scotsman stands out for his accent and colorful appearance. When you are near Connolly, you feel like you are in a pub and are next to a local patron. And he constantly tells stories about his numerous and crazy relatives and about intimate medical procedures. And the comedian started as a singer in the folk genre. Connolly came to stand-up in the 70s, quickly becoming a cult icon in England. The reason for this success is the uniqueness of the actor. Already someone who, but it is simply impossible to imitate him. The comedian does not adhere to any clearly sustained topics during his speech, his numbers are endless anecdotes or stories from life, often reminiscent of senile grumbles. It seems that thanks to the unique intonation and accent, any story from Connolly can become funny. It is impossible to imitate Connolly - the attempts of daredevils are ridiculous in themselves. An example of a joke: “Reagan sits at the table in the White House, where he has a button" WOMAN "! Yes, my dad is younger, and we don't even give him a TV remote control! "

Eddie Izzard. In this genre, the transvestite comic is a rarity. Nevertheless, Izzard has managed to become one of the most famous stand-up artists in Britain. Success came to the actor in the 1990s, when he began to actively wear women's clothing and apply appropriate makeup. The actor set up his show as if the audience was going to a rock concert with him. Interestingly, the stage image did not affect Eddie's sexual preferences in any way - he is 100% heterosexual. Many call Izzard's style crazy, because his speech at concerts resembles a real stream of consciousness. The actor talks about everything in the world - about religion and death, about supermarkets and fashion, while also constantly jumping from topic to topic. True, the comedian has recently lost weight, lost weight and stopped painting. It seems that he has slightly lost his former energy, this is evidenced by the lack of new shows in the last three years. Nevertheless, the eight released Izzard's concert are an exemplary model for the stand-up, from here the uninitiated can begin their acquaintance with the genre. An example of a joke: "As long as they engage in homophobia at home behind closed doors and do not rape anyone, I do not mind."

Dylan Moran. This comedian comes out to his audience so disheveled that it seems as if he was woken up in a hurry just five minutes ago in a state of a terrible hangover. And the artist slept only on the floor and right in his clothes. And the stories of the comedian seem to be telling about all the sad things that happened to him the day before. Dylan's best friends are alcohol and cigarettes, but they also delight him less and less. Unlike his American counterpart Xi Kay, who laughs at his own imperfection with might and main, Moran deliberately enjoys it. Everything else that surrounds him is covered with cynicism. We can say that the actor simultaneously criticizes an unhealthy lifestyle and at the same time promotes it. Moran, in addition to stand-up, acts in films. We can mention the tape "Zombie named Sean" and three seasons of the cult English comedy series "Black Bookstore". And recently Moran gave a couple of concerts in St. Petersburg, which fans of the genre could not miss. Example of a joke: “I can't swim, and neither can I drive. That is, I was going to go to the courses one time, but then I thought: “What if I drive into the lake? I'm crazy! "

Jimmy Carr. Strange, but this Irishman on stage demonstrates an example of native English arrogance. Carr resembles that very classic entertainer who, for some unknown reason, lost his mood and began to be rude to everyone around. Carr constantly tries to engage the audience in dialogue, he improvises quite a lot, and a significant part of his show is given to quick lines of lined up sequential jokes. The artist often plays a part-time role of the host on various television and radio shows. It is Carr who is close to the image of comedians that has developed traditionally in our country. Of course, the difference is in favor of the Irishman due to the quality of his humor. Example joke: “Boxers don't have sex before a fight, you know why? They don't like each other. "

Jerry Seinfield. The first performance of 22-year-old Jerry took place in a New York club in 1976. In 1981, Jerry became one of the participants in the popular Johnny Carson Tonight Show. Soon, the comedian began appearing on other evening shows, with Letterman and Griffin. And in 1989, the sitcom "Seinfield" started on NBC, which told about the artist's life. He was one of the creators of this series. The sitcom was broadcast until 1998, becoming one of the most popular in the country. Moreover, in each episode you can see excerpts from Seinfield's performances, which brought him even more popularity. The artist even received a Golden Globe in 1993 for his work. And the TV show topped the list of "50 Greatest" according to TV Guide. Example joke: “You know you get old when you get one candle on a cake. As if someone is asking, “Hmm! Can you blow it out? "

Pavel Volya. At the end of our list of the most famous stand-up heroes, we will also mention the domestic character. Pavel was born in 1979 and went to school of humor in the Penza KVN team. Prior to joining the Comedy Club, Pavel managed to work as a radio presenter. The role of the artist in the new show for Russia took shape at once - "a glamorous bastard". He makes fun of the guests of the program, the stars of show business. Will's jokes are pretty tough and cynical. But Pavel does not limit himself to the framework of the stage - he writes music albums, actively acts in films. The annual income of the main star of the Russian stand-up is more than $ 2 million. An example of a joke: "When drunk, the body thinks that it is close to death, and therefore instinctively strives to procreate."

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