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Nowadays, every country is fighting to keep the traditional family as it was a few years ago. Time takes its toll and a lot of what the past generation with great difficulty preserved is irretrievably lost. In all countries, the influence of foreign cultures is observed, which also have an effect on family relations.

The Vatican is currently the country in which traditions and customs are still alive, which no one was going to abolish. To a greater extent in this country, the Catholic Church exerts its influence on society, which has great power in the country.

The only thing that has changed in the family is that nowadays it is very rare to meet large families. This is what the church is trying to revive today.

Despite the fact that the family in the Vatican is very sensitive, early marriage is not popular. Even the Italian temperament is not valid in this case, because a man must have financial stability and independence before getting married.

However, this does not mean that a wealthy man will marry a simple and not rich woman. He will look for a suitable match for himself - a woman from a noble family that will correspond to his status.

Not so long ago, in the families of the Vatican, women devoted themselves entirely to household chores and they were in charge of the entire household. An Italian working woman was a very rare occurrence. At present, on the contrary, both spouses can work in a family and a woman who holds a rather prestigious position is not uncommon. Non-working Italians can be found only in provincial cities and towns.

A woman currently in the Vatican has every opportunity, on an equal basis with a man, to receive higher education, get a good job and engage in social and political life. Even if a man earns enough and may well support the whole family, a woman can still stay at work for the sake of her self-realization and pleasure.

A woman in a Vatican family has a very great influence on all other family members and even on her own husband, to whom every woman finds a very correct approach, thanks to her wisdom. For a man, it seems that all decisions in the house come from him, but in fact, a woman rules everything.

This is especially noticeable in more or less large families, when practically any question is addressed only to the mistress of the house, and she decides the fate of her children.

The especially reverent attitude of the mother in the Vatican to her sons and in order to enter the family, the future daughter-in-law must first earn the trust of the mother of her chosen one. If the mother does not approve of the girl, then there can be no question of any further relationship.

However, if an acquaintance happened, and the mother approved the choice of her son, then we can assume that the young girl found in the person of the mother-in-law the most reliable friend and advisor, because in the future the daughter-in-law can turn to her on any issue and may even complain about her husband. The son's family affairs will be decided in a strict manner and the daughter-in-law will be given practical advice on how to rectify the situation.

Legends can be made about the temperament of men in the Vatican, because any strong feeling can swallow a man completely and without a trace. If this is love, then it is so strong that it can sometimes even interfere, because fits of jealousy can lead to family conflicts.

Such cases are not rare in the Vatican, so women try to be more careful when dealing with the opposite sex, so as not to provoke the anger of their spouse. However, this does not mean that this state of affairs exists in every family.

A woman in the Vatican in the house is completely engaged in all the household and the role of educator of children is also assigned to her. However, men take no less part in raising children. The birth of a child in the Vatican is, first of all, a great joy for the father himself, who himself is ready to deal with swaddling, bathing the child and cleaning up after him.

It is not uncommon to see a father walking with a child on the street. With great pleasure they devote all their free time to caring for the baby and walking with him, even when the mother may be busy at work or may do household chores.

In the Vatican, all family members spend all their free time together and never rest separately. Every weekend, the whole family gets together and goes for a walk, either to a restaurant or cafe, or to nature. In this case, a man is always the initiator, it is he who always strives to give as much time as possible to his family and his children.

When children grow up, begin to study, then the best time begins for all friends and work colleagues to learn about the achievements of children. Men in the Vatican always keep photographs of their families and their children with them and are always eager to talk at work about the success of their children in academia or sports.

Boys in the Vatican have more freedom and permissiveness in the family than girls. Sons are the favorites of mothers, because every mother believes that it is much easier for a woman to get a job in life than a man. No matter what age a man is, he will always remain a small child for his mother.

Even after getting married, the son spends a lot of time at his mother's house, and she herself quite often can visit her son's house in order to see if he is living well and whether her daughter-in-law is coping with her duties as a wife.

Love and respect in the Vatican for parents comes first and with elderly parents there is always one of the younger children in order to take care of them. Sometimes the younger sons in the Vatican, after marriage, remain to live in their mother's house, in order to become a support for them in life during the time. All family members always try to be as close to each other as possible and never lose family ties and maintain relationships.

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