Families of South America

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Families of Brazil

Brazil is one of the few countries where all ancient customs are very carefully and deeply honored. It is here that traditional Brazilian families, large and friendly, have survived, where adult children always help their parents and younger brothers and sisters. Brazil is one of the ...

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Families of Venezuela

Three generations of a family usually live in the same house in Venezuela, with the elderly having a very high status. Grandparents take care of children if the parents are working, and working parents is normal for Venezuelan families. On grandparents ...

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Families of Ecuador

For Ecuadorians, the family is considered a very important unit of society, it is the basis of their whole life. Life and family, parents and children - family relationships are the most important for every resident of Ecuador. The attitude towards the older generation and parents takes the first place in the life of Ecuadorians. Respect for ...

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