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Confidence, calmness and restraint of Slovenes are noticeable at first sight. Although it is very difficult to compare with the beauty that is inherent in the cities and houses of Slovenia.

The special style and architecture that the builders adhere to speaks of the rich inner world of these people, of their broad soul. The restraint of the Slovenes is similar to the stiffness of the British, in whose appearance you can see self-confidence and self-confidence.

Slovenia is, first of all, a strong society, which is formed by strong and friendly families. However, even in family relations, Slovenes differ from all other peoples. Love for the family is expressed differently for each nationality and has a different form.

Slovenes, on the other hand, clearly distinguish between personal life and public, so they never mix one with the other. A family is people with whom you can share your sorrows and joys, problems and bright events in life. However, for a wide range of people, everything that happens in the family remains a big secret.

Slovenes will never bring up what is happening in their family for discussion. This is correct on the one hand, because in some cases such behavior helps to avoid a large number of problems and, to a greater extent, the fact that all personal family affairs will be discussed everywhere.

On the other hand, sometimes there is simply a need to share your worries with a stranger, because this helps to get rid of the burden that weighs on the person.

For Slovenes, the most humiliating thing is that someone can pay for it in a restaurant or cafe. This cannot even be offered, because even married couples sometimes pay separately and a woman will never allow someone to pay for her.

Exceptions are cases when a woman does not work and is engaged in raising children. However, women spend very little time on parental leave and quickly return to their work responsibilities.

There are very few housewives in Slovenia, because everyone is used to the fact that he earns his own living.

In the Slovenian family, expressions of feelings are also not accepted, this is possible only between spouses alone, but not in the presence of all family members. It is customary to greet all relatives only by the hand, there are no hugs or kisses, even if the relatives have not seen for a very long time.

Despite such a dry greeting, Slovenes spend a lot of time talking with their close relatives, sharing the latest events in everyone's life and the achievements of their children.

Slovenian streets are always empty in the evenings, because Slovenes spend evenings only with their families and everyone goes to bed very early. A measured, calm and unhurried lifestyle helps Slovenes relieve themselves of many of the stresses faced by people who are always in a hurry to do everything and get everything done in a short time.

However, despite the fact that Slovenes seem dry and boring, in reality this is just a manifestation of their independence. Young people start working very early in order to become financially independent from their parents as soon as possible. Slovenes are very hardworking and teach their children to work hard and work hard.

If you pay attention to how the Slovenes celebrate their holidays, then you can just get confused, because on the holidays a completely different side of these people opens up. You can see how the Slovenes are imbued with the spirit of the holiday itself, they open up and become very interesting and funny people.

All holidays are held according to national traditions, although in some places these traditions are gradually beginning to change and some of them are no longer even applied at all.

One of the brightest and favorite holiday for all is New Year or Christmas. The Slovenes have very interesting customs of celebrating Christmas and New Year. In every home, Christmas is a must-have tree and manger, which are miniature figurines depicting scenes of the birth of Christ.

On the evening before Christmas, all family members get together in order to go out into the yard and walk around the house with a lit censer and holy water. Then the action goes into the house itself, where every corner is bypassed and everything is sprinkled with holy water.

Also, the owner of the house should sprinkle each member of the family with holy water using a sprig of a New Year's tree. After the house is bypassed, you can proceed directly to the celebration of Christmas. This custom is applied in almost all Slovenian families and is very important for the whole family.

The whole family always gathers for this holiday in full force in order to receive a drop of their blessing from the owner of the house on the birthday of Christ.

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree for the whole world is already very old. In some countries, besides the fact that a Christmas tree is decorated in the house, wreaths are also woven from branches of a Christmas tree, houses are decorated with these wreaths and bright beautiful ribbons in order to make the house festive.

It is customary in Slovenia to hang spruce wreaths and bells on the front doors of a house, which can greet guests with an iridescent ringing. New Year and Christmas is a holiday for all people, and not only children, but adults themselves are waiting for this holiday and the fulfillment of all desires.

Everyone expects a real miracle from this holiday. Slovenes also do not deviate from the rules and always prepare gifts for the holiday, and they themselves look forward to the moment when they will be presented with a gift.

However, after the holidays, weekdays come again, and again you can see calm Slovenes, who each do their own thing. These people can relax for a short time and become as simple people as everyone else, but the rest of the time they are busy with their worries and problems.

Work, children, family are the main things for Slovenes in life. As for entertainment and recreation, then all this needs to be done in the bosom of your family and they think with their close people.

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