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Croatia is interesting for its cities, where modernity and ancient architectural structures are surprisingly intertwined. Even the inhabitants of the cities in Croatia combine in their lives modern and old customs and traditions, each of which are honored and observed.

However, the Croatian national peculiarity prevails to a greater extent, which manifests itself in everything: in the life of every person, in every action, in the construction of their houses and even in the interior design of their houses. Even if this is a city apartment, the Croats still try to preserve even in every little detail, every piece of furniture has its own unique special features inherent only to this people.

All these features are also manifested in the celebration of all holidays that have been celebrated for many years. At present, national dishes have not undergone any changes, and even the style of clothing has practically not changed, and traditional national elements in clothing have been preserved. Not many people can boast that, just like Croats, they can combine new modern trends in everything and even in their way of life, along with the way of life they are used to.

In most countries, there is a deviation from national traditions, and this is already noticeable in the families of young people growing up in this new world. There is no longer such an understanding of the family and there are no such family relationships that were recently.

Very little time has passed, but this turned out to be enough for the new generation to begin to erase from their lives what our ancestors had collected and stored with such difficulty in order to pass them on to the next generation.

Croatians can be congratulated for being one of the few who manage to combine the old and the new and create a unified understanding of their nation and the modern world. In all villages you can see small houses of Croatian families, which are built in the traditional style. Houses can consist of two or more rooms, which are lined up. All houses are surrounded by greenery, the facades of the houses are entwined with vines and vines.

In the villages, such a tradition has been preserved that several families live on the same territory, each of which has a separate house. As a result, several buildings are built on one site, each of which is added with the emergence of a new family. It is no longer possible to do this in cities, but in villages the whole family, all relatives and friends are always there and are always ready to lend a helping hand if necessary.

For Croats, each holiday is a whole set of different rituals, which are carried out according to Christian traditions. The birth of a child is associated, for example, with a very large number of ceremonies associated with protecting the baby from the evil eye, illness, failure and much more. Only a few days after the child is born, guests can come to the house and bring gifts for the child, over whom several more rituals are performed at the same time.

Until that time, no one except the mother can approach the baby and look at him. The first birthday of the child and especially the baptism are celebrated magnificently. Baptism is a mandatory ceremony and the presence of godparents gives the child an opportunity to acquire another family, additional support and even more love. Godparents become the same family members as everyone else.

However, for the godparents themselves and for the godson, these are additional obligations, because the godfather must always help his godson, always answer his requests, and the godson himself must pay a lot of attention to the godfather and help him at the first request.

Croats have no preference for who was born: a boy or a girl. Every child is a great joy for the whole family and every person is always needed in life. The boy is like the successor of his father's kind, and the girl is the future keeper of the hearth, the mother, on whom the warmth and comfort in the house depends. A Croatian family never has many children, at most three.

Nowadays, more often you can see one child at all in the family. Firstly, this is due to the instability of the material base, which is necessary in order to raise children, give them a proper education and do everything possible so that the child does not need anything. Secondly, with the move to the city, Croats began to devote more time to their work, and it is not always possible to raise several children.

For Croats, some rituals and customs are very important, which should bring wealth, happiness and prosperity to the family. One of these customs can be seen in a wedding ceremony. In Croatia, after the wedding ceremony, the bride is put on a headscarf and an apron is tied to her head instead of a veil. This suggests that now the girl receives a new status and becomes a married woman with all the ensuing consequences.

She must now become the mistress of the house and the person on whom the whole atmosphere in the house will depend. Then all the guests who are present at the celebration must walk three times around the well into which apples are thrown. This ceremony is done in order to attract wealth to a new young family, wealth and well-being.

Many traditional national customs in Croatia can be seen during holidays such as Christmas and Maslenitsa. These holidays are not just celebrations, which gather a huge number of people. These celebrations take place in the form of carnivals, at which anyone can show their abilities and travel throughout the city.

Christmas carols are organized, which are not just a custom, but they are also a very fun element of the holiday that can cheer you up even more and make you feel the holiday.

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