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Despite the fact that Ecuador has long been influenced by European culture, many national traditions and customs are still preserved in this country. Such features are rarely found in countries where different cultures, modern customs and traditions have been introduced for many years.

Not many countries can boast that they keep all the traditions of the people and follow these traditions. The population of Ecuador still retains the customs of their Indian ancestors, and this is expressed not only in family life, but also in the political and social life of the country, even taking into account the fact that many Ecuadorians have long been Catholics and Christians.

The church has great power and influence here, and its influence extends to each individual resident, and to all social life, especially this refers to the Christian church, which is the most ardent inspirer of religious sentiment.

Priests in Ecuador enjoy authority in the lives of individuals and in the political life of the country, and they are often asked for help in resolving any controversial issues.

Marriages in Ecuador should be sanctified by the church, although, of course, they are considered legal even without this, but in any case, the church is skeptical of marriages that have not been sanctified and are considered not recognized before God. Considering that the Spanish heritage and Spanish culture strongly influenced Ecuador, the residents did not adopt the hot temper and hot temper from the Spaniards.

The inhabitants of Ecuador are very calm and balanced, this is especially evident from the inhabitants of the mountainous regions, they believe that it is necessary to save energy and spend it on something more useful, this habit has already taken root in them for many centuries and has remained unchanged. You can even say that Ecuadorians are slow and do everything with feeling.

Slowness and pride define the character of the people of Ecuador. Any misunderstandings and disputes in Ecuador are resolved very quickly, and there will never be serious scandals, but only if their pride is not hurt, because love for their traditions and customs in the country is very important for every Ecuadorian.

The calmness of the Ecuadorians ends in the Ecuadorian market, therefore in no other country you will find such noisy and talkative markets as here. Probably, it is in the markets that some of the character traits of Ecuadorians are manifested, who in public life are constrained by habit.

For Ecuadorians, the family is considered a very important unit of society, it is the basis of their whole life. Life and family, parents and children - family relationships are the most important for every resident of Ecuador.

The attitude towards the older generation and parents takes the first place in the life of Ecuadorians. Respect for parents and the older generation is visible not only within the family itself, but also in all everyday and social life, all the love and kindness of children to their parents and a very great respect are manifested here.

It is often possible to notice that parents in Ecuador live with their children, mainly of course with their younger daughters and sons. Children will never leave their parents alone, someone is sure to stay with them and take care of them.

Older children who live separately do not disregard their parents, they always try to support their parents in every possible way and help younger sisters and brothers.

Another interesting point in Ecuador that relates to the relationship between parents and children is the relationship of godparents to their godchildren and vice versa. It is not always possible to understand perfectly these relations between godparents and children, this is sometimes a very complex and confusing relationship, especially when it comes to the financial aspect.

At the heart of this relationship is the strong support of the godparents for their godchildren, this includes financial assistance and advice throughout the godson's social and family life.

In turn, the godson, as far as possible, helps his godparents. Godfather relationships are often seen in family business and even in political life.

A man and a woman in an Ecuadorian family have the same status and the same rights. Of course, as in many other families, family responsibilities are divided by agreement.

Sometimes a woman takes full responsibility for the house, and the man's task is to take on the responsibilities of financial security. However, women can also work and contribute to the financial well-being of the family.

Ecuadorians are very hospitable people and welcome guests at any time. On the part of the guest, gifts are very highly valued, regardless of who they are intended for, because both a man and a woman, having the same position in the family, can accept gifts.

As a result, most of the attention is paid to the hostess of the house - this indicates that the guest has great respect for the whole family and home. After all, it is the woman who is responsible for the house, runs the household and love and understanding in the family, mutual respect and warmth of the hearth depend on her. Accordingly, the woman in the house deserves more attention.

In Ecuador, it is customary to greet everyone you meet, even if you are completely unfamiliar and may never see each other again. These are the rules of decency and good manners, and Ecuadorians themselves may not understand the cool attitude.

Ecuadorians are very restrained in terms of alcohol consumption. Even in a family, it is very rare that strong alcoholic drinks are consumed on holidays, although, of course, you can sometimes see a slightly drunk Ecuadorian on the street. Still, Ecuadorians have no friendship with alcohol.

The same restraint of Ecuadorians is observed in clothing, although there is no particular style in clothing. However, it is still not customary to dress in casual clothes when attending official events or public institutions, especially since most institutions simply will not allow a person who is not dressed according to the rules.

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