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We are very easy to show feelings, if we love, then we are ready to shout about it to the whole world, we are overwhelmed with emotions when a loved one, close and good friends, and our beloved relatives are next to us.

We throw out all our feelings and positive emotions, all the joy at the moment when our beloved spouse confesses their love, give gifts and arrange romantic dates. We can say about our city or country with the same love.

Chekhov can be called the complete opposite. These are people who are very restrained in feelings, who, even in love, will never betray their real feelings and sensations. In the Czech Republic, two young people never confess their love to each other, they can only say that they just feel good together. These are not the only features of the Czechs.

However, despite this restraint, the Czechs are very polite, and this is immediately evident. It is customary here to say hello everywhere: in the shops where you go for milk or bread, on the street by the newspaper kiosk. Czechs can say hello to the same person more than once, even if they meet several times a day.

The Czech Republic also has a restrained approach to raising children. The child will never hear screams in the house if he is not studying well, or someone complains about his behavior. A family council will gather, at which the current situation will be discussed and the reason why the child is having problems will be identified.

At school, the students sitting next to them do not know how his neighbor on the desk is studying, and at parent meetings, teachers talk to each parent individually. The training itself in Czech schools is easy and much easier than in other countries, because teachers are very gentle with children.

The favorite holidays when the whole family gathers at one table for Czechs is Christmas and Easter. At Christmas, the whole house is tidied up, a Christmas tree is set up and a festive table is prepared, which usually consists of traditional Czech cuisine: potato salad, fish soup, carp and meat schnitzels.

The Christmas family dinner takes place on December 24 in a warm and joyful family atmosphere, and after a delicious dinner it is customary to ring the bell in order to call the Hedgehogs, in our opinion, Santa Claus, who always comes to the house with a whole bunch of gifts.

The second main holiday is, of course, the bright and colorful Easter, beloved by all Orthodox Christians, when eggs are painted, pies are baked and there are fluffy willow twigs in the houses.

As for other family holidays, such as name days, anniversaries, birthdays, they are not celebrated on such a large scale. In the Czech Republic, it is customary to celebrate in the house with the whole family only children's birthdays, but they also end when the child turns 13. After that, the children celebrate their birthdays only with their friends, although of course the parents are ready to help in organizing the holiday.

The adults themselves celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries outside the home, and parties are organized in restaurants, cafes or so-called taverns. However, you do not need to count on the fact that you will be treated to such holidays and you just need to give a gift.

The birthday people themselves can pay only for drinks for their guests, or they can order the same dish for everyone. This completes their financial investments, and you will pay everything else at your request out of your own pocket.

It so happens that Czechs basically choose a pair for themselves from the same social stratum and generally similar to themselves in their habits, interests, and profession. It often happens that spouses work together in the same office, spend 24 hours a day with each other.

Orthodox Czech Republic does not require young people to live together without formalizing any obligations. They usually live separately from their parents, in rented housing, which they try to pay for themselves whenever possible, but parents will never refuse young people a room in their house.

However, if young people decide to legalize their relationship, then the rules require the young man to come to his bride's house with a large and beautiful bouquet of flowers and ask her parents for her hand. Parents will be happy to arrange the marriage of two loving people.

A wedding in the Czech Republic takes place almost the same as in Russia: registration takes place at a registry office or, at the request of the young, a wedding in a church; a standard exchange of rings, a luxurious white dress of the bride and a formal suit of the groom. After registration, the newlyweds are bombarded with rice and sweets, before the festive dinner begins in front of the newlyweds, a plate and a glass are necessarily broken with them, and the first course is always served to them.

Having tasted a festive dinner and a wedding cake, the young people leave the wedding and go on a honeymoon trip. However, after a wedding dinner, which usually follows formalities, you can not even hope for a fabulous feast with many dishes. Usually there is something like a buffet table for guests, where sandwiches and light drinks are displayed.

Only a large wedding cake is a must for a wedding table. Such modesty of the wedding table is due to the tight-fistedness and stinginess of the Czechs, and, in addition, the Czechs, in their restraint and modesty, are not used to bragging, even if they can quite afford to throw a real feast.

After the wedding, young people can live for some time in the house of the parents of one of the spouses, where the living space allows, if they do not have the opportunity to immediately purchase their own home. Sometimes the parents of both young spouses jointly acquire for them a modest, but still their own and separate home and equip it to a minimum.

Everything else remains with the young themselves. However, since it is increasingly difficult to provide financial assistance to children, the newlyweds themselves buy housing on credit if they have a stable financial situation or remain in their parents' house for a long time. Children in the Czech Republic are extremely respectful to their parents.

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