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One can only envy the neatness and cleanliness of the Austrians. This can be judged even by the cleanliness of the streets, which seem to wash hundreds of hands every day, where it is impossible to see the slightest garbage, and there are trash bins on the edge of the sidewalks at every step. Tidy houses always look as if they have just been renovated and re-painted. All this external cleanliness is carried over to the homes of the Austrians.

If you look into an ordinary house of an Austrian family, you will notice that every even the smallest thing stands in a strictly designated place. You can see a lot of things made by the hands of the owners of this house, and in general the Austrians like to do everything on their own, even just repairing something is not a problem for them. All this is done for their own pleasure, and not to save money.

In addition, the favorite hobby of the Austrians is various crafts with which they decorate their home and give them to their friends and relatives. If you continue exploring the house of the Austrians and go into the children's room, you can see toys everywhere on the shelves. It seems that they have never been touched by the hand of a child, because the toys are composed with great care and accuracy. You might think that you are in a toy store.

Family-friendly Austrians often visit each other, and then small gifts are always given. These gifts include wine or sweets, or it will be a handmade souvenir.

In any case, no matter what is provided as a gift, this thing is obligatory, should be useful in the house. Christmas and birthday are considered to be the most important holidays for Austrians, and these holidays are celebrated on a special scale.

As for the relationship between men and women, you should pay attention to the fact that it is impossible to achieve romance from a man in Austria, a candlelit dinner, or even just good behavior, such as helping a woman carry bags or open a door for her.

Austrian men are rude by nature and such gentle behavior is simply unacceptable for them. So those women who imagine tall, beautiful and strong Austrians next to them as a life partner can once and for all forget about romantic relationships and coffee in bed in the morning.

However, despite this, the Austrians remain excellent spouses, behind whom a woman can feel like she is behind a stone wall, they are reliable, sympathetic and very caring men. For the family, they do everything possible to ensure that their spouses and children are always happy and contented.

On the other hand, Austrian women are not very inclined to romance, because for a very long time they do not dare to get married, preferring to pursue their own career, they are a kind of careerists.

For Austrians, marriage is a very serious thing and the family is always in the first, most important place for them. It is very important for them to have a person next to whom they can take care of and who will also take care of you.

Even in spite of the fact that at present in the Austrian family it is customary to give birth to no more than one child, and some families refuse to have children at all, almost everyone puts family and marriage first.

The desire to marry in men and women in Austria differs in age: if a woman is not ready for a serious relationship before the age of 30, then a man at this age, on the contrary, has a great desire to start a family, perhaps even to have at least one child.

This is due more to the fact that men want a very calm and measured life, hide from everyday worries and problems in a quiet family harbor. While women go for a long time to finally understand that they also need a family and a warm relationship of a person who will always be there and support in difficult times.

In an Austrian family, responsibilities are divided equally, and besides, men are considered excellent cooks, which is very convenient, because many Austrian women do not know how to cook. In addition, men cook even better than women, which immediately determines the chief cook in the family.

Women strive to make their careers and men do not interfere with them, helping with housework and taking on part of women's responsibilities. This applies not only to household chores and parenting.

It turns out that Austrian women are happy with strong and categorical personalities, whose career takes more time than their own family and they put their work in the first place rather than family relationships.

To all the qualities of the Austrians can be added their amazing punctuality, which only this nation possesses. They combine everything at once: the Austrian can be called an ideal nature, which can be set as an example to everyone else.

As mentioned above, the Austrians love cleanliness and comfort very much and try to keep everything in perfect order in their home. For the arrangement of their home, the Austrians are ready to shell out a lot of money, the main thing is that their house is always clean, comfortable and beautiful.

With such a serious attitude towards the family and their family home, one thing may surprise in the behavior of the Austrians. Namely - adultery, which is not considered a serious violation in Austria and the reason why the marriage can be dissolved.

On this occasion, Austria even passed a law on the basis of which adultery is not considered a violation of marital happiness and a serious reason for the family to break up.

However, despite this attitude towards adultery, multiple polls show that most young people in Austria, after wanting to start a family, put marital fidelity in second place and many simply do not agree with the law on adultery.

It is possible, after all, that soon such free behavior in married couples in Austria, as betrayal will survive itself, and the spouses will take more seriously the feelings of each other and their marital relations. It is possible that they will marry a little earlier than after thirty years.

The Austrians treat their parents with deep respect. While in many countries children send their elderly parents to nursing homes and sometimes visit them there, in Austria the parents are taken care of independently.

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