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Armenia is one of the Asian countries where large families still meet, the number of members in which can reach fifty people. It is a great rarity today, but it still exists, and it would be good if it survived for a long time.

Each family member, depending on age, has his own rights and obligations in Armenia. However, the main thing is that the elders always take care of the younger generation and support and help them in every possible way.

As in many families, parents and older sons live in the same house. Accordingly, daughters always leave the parental home for their husband's, where a new life and new responsibilities await them.

The head of the family or community is the eldest man in the family, the owner of the house. However, there are some differences in the Armenian family in that the owner can dispose of all the property that belongs to the family and, in addition, the fate of each of the family members.

The owner of the house has unlimited power, so each family member tries to always follow all the instructions of the elder. There is even something, like inside family etiquette, which affects some norms of behavior.

For example, at the moment when the owner appears in the room, everyone present is obliged to stand up and bow; no one has the right to start a conversation without the permission of a senior, you cannot smoke in his presence. In addition, the owner is always the very first to sit down at the table and go to bed.

In addition to the owner of the house in Armenia, the oldest woman in the house, the mistress of the house, enjoys no less rights and authority. If the owner of the house directs all the work that men in the family do, then the mistress of the house directs all women's affairs accordingly.

In this case, each daughter-in-law has a range of her personal responsibilities, which are evenly distributed. There is always enough work, and young women very rarely have free time to spend on themselves.

In addition to household chores, there are also children who also require a lot of attention. The mistress of the house is exactly the person on whom the fate of her sons always depends. Only she makes a decision about the marriage of her son and chooses the chosen one for him on her own.

The same applies to daughters, who have no right to refuse the groom chosen by the mother. Matchmakers always turned not to the owner, but to the hostess, who presented the woman with gifts and asked for the hand of her daughter.

Younger daughters-in-law are the most free women in the house, who spend most of their time preparing a dowry for themselves and helping their daughters-in-law a little.

In the relations between husband and wife, daughters-in-law and mother-in-law in Armenia, there is such a moment that they do not call each other by name. Names can be replaced with words such as "brother", "sister", "daughter" or "son". This is a kind of avoidance of family ties.

This also includes the characteristic attitude towards a woman, when young daughters-in-law, falling into the husband's family, enjoy very limited rights and cannot even talk and show their face to the parents of their own husband, not to mention strangers.

Armenian families are, first of all, a community based on the male line. Parents inherit their home only to the eldest son, who himself can already decide which of the brothers can live with him under one roof.

However, in most cases, all sons remain in the parental home, which allows the family to become stronger and stronger. In the event that the mother is the keeper of the hearth and the mistress of the house, then she most often lives in the house of the youngest son, and her unmarried daughters remain with her.

Despite the fact that the property that belonged to the family can be disposed of by the owner of the community, all movable and immovable property still belongs to all family members. Each family member, of course, may have their own personal belongings, which include weapons, clothing and jewelry. All other property can be used by all family members.

A traditional Armenian family always observes all the rules of hospitality, no matter what position the guest occupies. Everyone who asks for an overnight stay or the opportunity to stay for a while in the house of Armenians is always honored and only the best that the owner of the house can offer is put on the table.

On occasion, it is not considered shameful to ask for help from a neighbor, who will always help with setting the table and preparing a bed for the guest. They are especially respectful to guests arriving from afar. Such a guest is seated at the head of the table, treated with the best dishes, and they do everything possible to make the guest satisfied.

Despite the fact that the modern world begins to dictate its own rules of conduct and penetrates into every family, Armenian families remain one of the few who keep their ancient customs and traditions and strictly observe them.

Strong large families are much better able to cope with life's difficulties than scattered families who struggle to keep in touch with their relatives.

The only changes that are noticeable today in Armenian families are the existence of greater rights for women, who now devote more time to study and work not only at home, but they can also get a prestigious job together with men.

This does not in the least distract them from their daily activities, but they receive additional financial support from the family. Children receive an education that also allows them to grow and develop further.

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