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Each part of the world has its own unique characteristics, traditions and customs that we must preserve and protect, with special care, since these many mores were left to the current generation by our ancestors. Of course, it is impossible not to submit to the influence of the modern world, to take all the benefits of civilization, which greatly facilitate our life at the present time.

However, in any case, we must somehow protect and preserve the heritage that was passed down to us from generation to generation, the very heritage that our ancestors valued and respected for many years, how carefully they treated what was passed on to them from early childhood their parents. After all, we cannot afford to lose all this precious heritage of our ancestors in one minute, then we simply will not have a single piece of history.

It is the history left by our ancestors that is a repository of precious information, from which we could learn a huge amount of interesting information about our common past and possibly correct a huge number of mistakes that are created by many people at the present time. All continents are completely different, but still they have similar features.

Families of Australia

Australia is a relatively young continent, in which traditions and customs have recently emerged. People living in this continent can easily move from one place to another. Australians are proud to have created such an excellent living environment for themselves. As a result of the fact that family traditions have not been formed here for centuries, the customs are quite new and modern. However, each family still has its own norms of behavior, because the basis of the country's population is immigrants. Australians are cheerful people and try to bring kindness to the world around them.

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Asian families

Asia, on the contrary, attracts our attention by the fact that all ancient traditions and religious dogmas are so preserved and protected there that it is simply amazing how so much knowledge can be preserved in our civilized world. However, people cannot just take and discard the centuries-old traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each family is a separate, one might even say somewhat detached from the surrounding world, cell. Here women honor their men and respect them, where the main wealth in the family is children and only they bring the greatest joy to life.

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Families of Africa

Africa as well as Australia can be attributed to a separate part of the world in which there are their own traditions. However, here the basis of society is formed by ancient customs that have survived to this day. Civilization has not greatly changed the countries of Africa, and they still have colorful family and kinship relations characteristic only of this continent. In relation to religion, of course, the influence of many historical events and different cultures is felt, but the inhabitants of Africa still resist modern laws and preserve their ancient knowledge and customs.

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Families of Europe

As for Europe, there is a great variety of cultures. Arab countries with their strict Muslim laws, where all rights belong only to men, can be the subject of lengthy conversations. Christian countries where Christian laws are observed, the church is of great importance not only in the life of an individual, but also in society as a whole. No less interesting are the countries where different religious cultures and traditions are surprisingly combined, where people get along well together, combining ancient customs and modern conditions of the civilized world.

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Oceania families

Oceania can be attributed to the same type as Australia, but here people are more accustomed to the land. Families work on their small plots of land, literally all family members are involved in the work. Here, physical labor is more appreciated, which, as you know, ennobles a person. Children in such conditions develop faster and grow up as healthy and balanced people. The family is also important as society as a whole, because one person cannot cope on the field, one cannot solve any serious matters. Each family member is ready to stand up for everyone and the whole family helps each other together.

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Families of America

America is a continent that is divided into North, South and Central America, and each of these continents has its own customs and traditions formed over the years.

Families of North America

North America is characterized by such national characteristics as the high value of the family in society in any country. Nothing is more important to the inhabitants of this continent than a deep sense of gratitude to their parents and a great affection for relatives and their families. Women in these countries are also treated in a special way, because the whole house, family and the warmth of family relations are held on them.

Families of Central America

Central America is probably the only continent of all that still remains a shining example of how one should treat all the values ​​that have been accumulated over many generations and originate in distant history. The conditions of a civilized world are just beginning to reach Central America, and today's youth are still ready to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, and highly honor what their parents bequeathed to them. Young people keep the skills that were passed on to them from early childhood, and they do not have a desire to change and fix something in their life.

Families of South America

In South America, there are countries in which ancient family traditions are still preserved, where various rituals are still observed that accompany important events in people's lives. Families in these countries are large communities whose members are related by kinship. In these countries, mutual assistance is highly valued. At that time, there are countries in which the influence of modern European culture is largely observed, where city dwellers have already begun to forget their roots and no longer treat family ties as they used to, which are beginning to be lost.

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