Families of Africa

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Families of Egypt

A woman in Islam is considered a vicious creature, her whole essence is full of vices and temptations. Not only in rural areas, but in cities too, laws require a woman to cover her entire body and hair, she can only leave her hands, feet and face uncovered. About sexual relations ...

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Families of Nigeria

The inhabitants of Nigeria are probably the most incomprehensible people, since a huge number of changes have taken place in the country, a huge number of different cultures have influenced the lives of people, which now practically has not survived the original, cultural and traditional way of life ...

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Families of the Sudan

Before marriage, each of the spouses goes through certain stages in their life, so Sudanese weddings play quite late, after 20 years, when their studies are over. Women can freely study, get an education in order to get a job at a prestigious ...

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Chad families

As for marriages in Chad, they can be concluded between young people from different clans, this is not prohibited, but the procedure for such a marriage is very complicated and confusing. As a result, most often marriages are concluded between close relatives. Moreover, in this case ...

Families of Ethiopia

There are three types of marriage in Ethiopia, which in principle can be applied to all other peoples. The first type of marriage is when a man chooses a woman for himself, and they begin to live together without any formalization. A man brings a woman to his house ...

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