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Meaning of the name

Evelyn, a derivative from the Greek "Aeolus" - "servant of the God of the winds."


As a child, Evelyn is a sensitive child, with poor health. Evelyn is capricious, and absolutely does not know the measure in her requirements. Her profuse and completely sincere tears or infectious cheerful laughter instantly disarm others.

Most likely, Evelyn will grow up spoiled and somewhat infantile. However, she will learn to use her excessive emotionality for her own good.

Evelyn is a very artistic person. Her emotions are actually sincere, but changeable like the wind. In the event that Evelyn is offended or offended, even through her own fault, she will take revenge. Sly and sophisticated.

At an early age, it is important for parents to educate Evelyn to respect the interests of others. Evelyn lacks depth of feeling, constancy, and patience. You shouldn't go on reconnaissance with Evelyn, you still need to look for a more unpredictable and windy person.

Evelyn loves tokens, compliments, gifts. She dreams of a prince on a white horse. He too idealizes his men at the beginning of a relationship. However, her chosen ones do not correspond to the invented image, and Evelyn leaves them without the slightest regret.


Evelyn has no barriers to sex. She is temperamental and very flirtatious. Evelyn is mobile, charming, in a male society she feels like a fish in water. At first, men are easy with her. However, the further, the more Evelyn demands expensive gifts from the chosen one - and this is the least. Her tantrums and neuroses can unsettle the calmest man.

Evelyn is not the type of romantic lover, although she constantly wants to appear as such. She loves variety in everything, including sex. Evelyn wants a lot of fans around her to have a choice.

Evelyn prefers temperamental men, a sort of macho. She can be a slave in sex, but she can also take the initiative. Evelyn subtly feels the desires of a partner. Evelyn prefers men, much smarter than herself.

In marriage, Evelyn is capable of repeated betrayal. He does this without a twinge of conscience, but after that he tries to convince himself that absolutely nothing happened. What's most interesting is that she succeeds.

She marries a person older and more experienced than herself. Evelyn's husband usually knows about her infidelity, however, he refers to this as the pranks of an unreasonable child.


The black.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Evelyn gives the impression of something intricate, pretentious.

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