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Meaning of the name

Eve translated from Hebrew means "giver of life". That was the name of the biblical progenitor, the wife of Adam.


With a kind character, little Eva went to her father, although she inherited stubbornness from her mother. Perseverance, adherence to principles also distinguish the adult Eve. But the main feature of Eve, which distinguishes her from many other women, is sensuality.

Many other qualities of Eve are predetermined by sensibility - jealousy, unpredictability, some conflict. Men love these living women because they "will not get bored", although they never forgive male betrayal.

Introverts tend to withdraw into themselves and do not always reveal their thoughts and feelings. They are secretive. They are very self-confident and calculating. Very strong will, leaving no room for selfishness. Their totem is a lily - a symbol of beauty and responsiveness, the strong smell of which, however, not everyone can tolerate.

If they do not agree with something, then they express their disagreement very violently. Stubborn. Failure and failure upset them, but they don't make it a tragedy. As a child, Eva does not cause trouble, as she early learns to solve her problems on her own, without putting them on the shoulders of others.

Usually these are exemplary students. They are attracted to professions where you need to give all the best, but most of all they are suited to the role of the mother of the family and the keeper of the hearth. They enjoy working with children and caring for the sick, they can become doctors, nurses, nurses, teachers, etc.

They have good intuition, but do not use it, preferring the beaten path to various surprises. Eve are firmly on the ground. They do not strive to shine, rather they prefer to give way to people who want to attract attention to themselves. They have an analytical mind, hence the interest in little things, and not in the whole.

These women are easily hurt and hurt. But they are quicker to intercede for others than to defend themselves. They are capable of strong affections, but their circle of friends is limited and carefully selected. One gets the impression that what others have to take with difficulty is given to them with ease.

Eve is a true woman. She does not imagine loneliness or unsettled fate, she is actively looking for her prince, and having found him, she becomes the best of wives, the most hospitable of the housewives, and a caring mother. Moreover, Eve is not satisfied with "paradise in a hut", she loves comfort, luxury, outfits. When she achieves everything she aspires to, then God forbid that someone would encroach on her world!

The main feature that distinguishes Eve from other women is sensuality; many other qualities are also predetermined by it: jealousy, unpredictability, some conflict. You will not get bored with Eve, she is cheerful, mobile, although she will never forgive betrayal.

Eve in life is mainly busy looking for a man on her own, and having found one, Eva becomes the best of wives, the most hospitable of the housewives, a caring mother. Eva has a sweet tooth and loves comfort and luxurious clothing.


Too strict moral rules. They have an innate sense of decency, which is especially pronounced at the turning points of their lives.

Sexuality plays a huge role in their lives. The most important thing for them is the joy of giving. This woman remains faithful as long as she is sure that her friend is not cheating on her. She values ​​little female friendship, is more friends with men.


Brick scarlet.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Fish, Taurus.


The sound of the name Eva gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, round, light, majestic, strong, brave, mighty, big, active, joyful.

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