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Pais - Easter child
Palmer - pilgrim, palm
Pancras - All Power
Parker - keeper of the park
Parris - bet
Pat is a nobleman
Patrick is a nobleman
Patsy is a nobleman
Peiton - the settlement of Paegi
Pepin - the seed of the fruit
Perry the wanderer
Persian - rock, stone
Percy is the valley penetrated
Percival is a valley penetrated by
Peterkin - rock, stone
Pip the horse lover
Piper - the trumpet player
Pyrrhus - rock, stone
Pier - rock, stone
Pete - rock, stone
Peter - rock, stone
Floor - small
Poly - small
Polycarp - fruitful
Pompey - show, solemn procession
Porter - the gatekeeper
Preston - Priest's Settlement
Priam - redemption
Prince - leader
Prosper - lucky, successful
Pace - Easter Child
Pacey - Easter Child
Payton - settlement

Raven - raven
Once is a mystery
Raymond is a wise defender
Raimund is a wise defender
Ryordan - the little poet-king
Wright - carpenter
Ralph is a wise wolf
Ralphie the wise wolf
Ralph is a wise wolf
Randell - wolf shield
Randy - wolf shield
Randolph - wolf shield
Randolph - wolf shield
Russ - slight redness
Russell - slight redness
Russell - slight redness
Grow - dyed hair
Rastus - to love
Ryan is the little king
Rearden - the little poet-king
Regan is the little king
Redcliffe - red cliff
Redcliffe - red cliff
Redley - red forest
Redd - red-skinned, ruddy
Reg is a wise ruler
Reggie is a wise ruler
Reginald is a wise ruler
Redmund is a wise defender
Redmond is a wise defender
Reid - red-haired, ruddy
Rey is a wise protector
Rayleigh - Rye Cleansing
Raynard - wise and strong
Reynold is a wise ruler
Rex is the king
Regan - the little king
Rigby - living by the mountain range
Reed - red-haired, ruddy
Ridley - a reed that cleans
Riel is a strong man of god
Rick is powerful and brave
Rikey - powerful and brave
Ricky is powerful and brave
Rilan - the land of rye
Riley - rye, cleansing
Riley - rye, cleansing
Rio - river
Ripley - a cleared strip of land
Rice - passion, high temperature
Rich is powerful and brave
Richard is powerful and brave
Richie is powerful and brave
Rob - famous
Robbie - famous
Robert - famous
Roby - famous
Robin - famous
Rowan - slight redness
Rod is a known power
Rodge is the famous spear
Roger is a famous spear
Roddy is a famous power
Roderick is a known power
Roger is a famous spear
Rodney - Swamp / Hrody Island
Rodolph is a famous wolf
Roy - red
Royle - Hill of Rye
Royce is a famous species
Royston - Royce settlement
Rocky - rest
Roland is a famous land
Raleigh - Red Forest
Rolland is a famous land
Rollie is a famous land
Ron is a wise ruler
Ronald is a wise ruler
Ronnie is a wise ruler
Rory is the red king
Roscoe - European deer forest
Ross - Cape
Rowland is a famous land
Rowley is a famous land
Royal is king
Ruben - the contemplative
Ruby - contemplative
Rudy is the famous wolf
Rudolph - the famous wolf
Rudyard - red corral, yard
Rhett - advice
Rube - the contemplative
Red - red-skinned, ruddy
Ray is a wise protector
Raynard - wise and strong
Rainer is a wise warrior
Rafe is a wise wolf
Randal - wolf shield
Randall - wolf shield

Savier - saw sawing
Saiga - sage
Simon - the listener
Salal is the name of the berry used in jelly
Sullivan - small dark eyes
Sammi - listening to God
Sandford - sandy ford
Sunny - cheerful, sunny
Sanford - sandy ford
Svizin is strong
Swizzun is strong
Pigs - Good Walking
Sebastian - from Sebeist (city in Asia Minor)
Sevard - Marine Guard
Cedric - Warlord
Seymour - Saint Morus
Selby - willow thickets
September - seventh
Cecil is the sixth
Set - assigned, marked
Sefton - thickets of reeds
Siward - Marine Guard
Sigmand - Victory Defender
Sid - Saint Denis
Sydney - Saint Denis
Silas - from the forest
Sylvester - from the forest
Silver - silver
Sylvester - from the forest
Simeon - the listener
Sinclair - Saint Claire
Cyril - Lord
Sisera - hairy
Sky - sky
Skylar - Defender, Protecting
Skiler - protector, protecting
Scottish Cattle
Scotty - Scotsman
Squiler - protector, protecting
Slay - from the forest
Slade - Little Valley
Sony is a boy
Sonny is a boy
Spike - Spiky Hair
Sparrow - sparrow
Spencer - pharmacist
Spiro - spirit
Stackey - restoring
Stafford - ford for disembarkation
Sterling is a small star
Steph - crown
Sti - crown
Steve is the crown
Stephen - crown
Stevie - crown
Stiu - steward
Storm - storm
Stu - house guard, steward
Stacks - restoring
Stan is a cleansing stone
Stanley is a cleansing stone
Stanford - stone ford
Stewart - house guard, steward
Sam - listening to God
Samuel - listening to God
Sandy is the protector of humanity

Thad - given by god
Thaddeus - Given by God
Tai - pasture
Tucker - thick fabric
Tal - dew
Talbot - messenger
Tanner - skin tanning cream
Taskill - cauldron of the gods
Taffy is the sweetheart
Ted is a gift from God
Teigu - poet
Teige is a poet
Teirk - pounding in the door
Tex - from texas
Tenney is a little follower of Dionysus
Tennison - son of Tenney
Theo is a gift from God
Theobald is bold
Theodore - a gift from God
Terance - rubbing, turning, twisting
Terence - rubbing, turning, twisting
Thurlo is the instigator
Terrance - rubbing, turning, twisting
Terrell - stubborn
Terrence - rubbing, turning, twisting
Thurston - the stone of Thor
Ti is an abbreviation for longer names starting with "Ti"
Tiarnak - Lord
Tiarnan the little lord
Tybalt is a brave man
Tibby is gazelle and bold
Chigu - poet
Tizone - fiery moderate
Tilar - the tiling master
Tiler - tiling master
Tilor - tiling master
Tim - god worshiper
Timmy - God Worshiper
Timothy - God Worshiper
Tyrell - stubborn
Tiernan the little lord
Tierneus - Lord
Tyrone - Owen's land
Tyrone - Owen Land
Tyrrell - stubborn
Toal - ruler of the people
Toby - God - Good
Tobias - God - Good
Tobin - God - Good
Tod the fox
Todd is a fox
Tolly - son of Talmay
Tom is a twin
Thomas is a twin
Tommy is a twin
Tone is invaluable
Tony is invaluable
Topher - follower of Christ
Torlei - the thorn that cleans
Thornton - thickets of thorny bushes
Travis - checking bridges, roads
Trakei - place Trakius
Tranter - transmit
Trafford - fish trap
Traern - Like Iron
Trev is a large settlement
Trevelyan - Elian settlement
Trevor is a large settlement
Travers - checking bridges, roads
Trace - Place Trakius
Tracy - Place Tracius
Trent - Traveler or Intruder
Trenton - Trent settlement
Tristram - Welsh Dristan
Troy - from Troy
Truman is a true man
Tucson - bituminous or tarry base of the road
Teddy - given by god
Tedi - given by god
Tayler - fabric cutter, cutter
Taylor - Fabric Cutting, Cutter
Thane is a mystery
Tate - cheerful
Tel - rubbing, turning, twisting
Temple - Temple
Terry - King of Nations

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