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Meaning of the name

Emma translated from Greek means "affectionate".


Emma has been engaged in "self-criticism" since childhood. Constantly observing herself from the sidelines, Emma is sometimes overly critical of herself.

Emma is determined and assertive. Making any decision, for a long time he goes through all possible options, however, having made a decision, he will never back down from it. Emma is very dismissive of criticism in her address.

Emma has a rather complex character, which, to some extent, spoils her life. Emma is too independent, other people's advice is an empty phrase for her. Although her choice is not always successful, and she perfectly understands this.

Emma is talented, has good taste, can work as a fashion designer, designer, artist, art critic.


Emma's sexual desire wakes up slowly and imperceptibly. She is very sensitive, she is worried about clothes, voice, smell of her partner. Emma's love is fraught with deep intimacy, she wants to be alone with her feeling, without initiating anyone into it.

Emma is very touching and gentle, however, she has several inferiority complexes. She likes men much older than her, experienced, intellectually developed. She feels weak and defenseless with him.

Since a man of this type in his caresses often compensates for small sexual opportunities, Emma often remains dissatisfied.

Emma is jealous, can fall into a state of depression and blames everything for her inability to adapt to a man.

Emma can be inventive in sex, and if she meets a man with great sexual capabilities, she will become his ideal partner. Receiving sexual satisfaction, she is transformed, flourishes, surrounds her friend with tenderness, care.

Emma has a keen sense of her partner, knows how to be diplomatic and delicate. She does not tolerate men cold or inexperienced, does not want to kindle men. She wants to have a strong, courageous partner next to her, then she feels calm, protected.

Emma gets married quite early. He is faithful in marriage.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Leo, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Emma gives the impression of something smooth, round, safe.

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