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Meaning of the name

Catherine in translation from Greek means "noble".


In the minds of most people, the "royal" name. It seems that even in its sound there is a certain majesty and imperiousness.

Alas, the characters of ordinary women named by this name have almost nothing to do with this idea.

Catherine is already a child on her mind. She is thrifty and a little greedy. If Katya has been on a visit, she will definitely have a candy or an apple in her pockets upon returning home - there will certainly be someone who will be touched by her wit and intelligence.

The girl is proud, painfully endures someone's superiority, at school she is one of the best students and seeks to be friends with those who make up the "elite" of the class, who enjoy strength or authority.

He has an indecisive character, what has been said especially concerns the "spring" Catherine. Bravado, extravagance in behavior and dress is not such a rare occurrence for Katya, especially in extreme situations.

She does not marry for a long time, although there are more than enough fans. She will focus on who is close to her psychologically.

Catherine's anxiety, her inner anxiety intensifies for the most insignificant reasons, which can cause her impulsive, at first glance, actions. She needs a husband who would help her feel confident in life.

Catherine's dreamers, they have a well-developed imagination. Usually they get along well in life, however, they are far from exemplary hostesses. They also fail to bring up their children properly.

They do well enough in any kind of activity, they do not give preferences in choosing a profession to one thing. They believe in the predictions of astrologers and palmists, they can turn to psychics.

They are intelligent and make others feel it. They tend to take everything upon themselves, are overly subjective. They have a rather difficult character, but they live an interesting and eventful life.

The will is rather strong, although sometimes it is not enough to bring the matter to the end. They often take the position of "offended virtue." Catherine is capable of fits of anger that simply shock people.

They do not feel a special need for work, although they give the impression of active people. They lack endurance, they often try to catch two birds with one stone. Such women make good journalists and advertising agents.

Intuition is completely drowned out by the mental aspect of their personality. They are complacent, consider themselves very smart, yet those around them, in their opinion, are complete fools. Despite the fact that they have to endure great defeats, they never lose faith in themselves.

Very nervous and impulsive. Catherine blindly trusts her mind, although it sometimes fails them. They like to surround themselves with people who are pleasant and at the same time useful. Their living room often resembles a densely populated office.

When dealing with Catherine, one should always take into account her pride. However, most often she understands good humor well, and she herself is not averse to joking. But if you manage to talk to her heart to heart, then, quite possibly, you will be sincerely surprised to discover in her qualities that are imperceptible to those around her.


Katya is very fond of male society. Although she is a person of mood, she is always lively and friendly with men. She has increased sexual excitability, but in order to surrender to a man, she must fall in love with him. The strength of her sex drive depends on the duration of the intimate relationship with a man.

She has a very developed aesthetic perception, a sense of beauty, she knows how to see and understand the beauty of a loved one in intimate relationships and therefore experiences strong erotic experiences.

Catherine is sensitive, empathetic and feminine, her partner should be extremely affectionate, know and be able to use all the techniques and positions that enhance sexual arousal in the preliminary period of intimacy.

The caress of a man can bring Catherine into a state of irresistible desire and even bring her to orgasm.

Unsatisfied Catherine is restless, irritable, even angry. For her, the time of day when intimacy occurs is of great importance. She can feel relaxed only at night, during the day she is not able to overcome shyness and completely trust her partner.

Catherine, born in winter, is especially sensual, in the enjoyment of sex she can reach ecstasy, to a short-term loss of consciousness.

Born in the summer, possessing great sexual potential that nature has endowed her with, at the same time she is very shy, she is in captivity of the prohibitions and prejudices that were instilled in her in her youth.

She loves to get strong voluptuous sensations, but restrains the delight of love, controlling her emotions in bed. During the foreplay, she feels grateful to her partner, feels deep spiritual and physical unity with him. Not receiving what was expected from a man, she does not make a tragedy out of it.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Ekaterina gives the impression of something simple, good, bright, joyful.

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