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Meaning of the name

Emil translated from Latin means "zealous".


As a child, Emil is slow, calm, clumsy, flexible. Parents and teachers practically does not cause trouble. Emil has musical abilities, the main thing is for his parents to help him develop them. Emil is endowed with great physical strength.

Emil, born in winter, has a disgusting character. Emil is too emotional. In quarrels with his wife, he can lose control over himself, which sometimes leads to sad consequences.

Born in the spring, Emil is talented and analytical. Emil can achieve great success in the exact sciences. You can always rely on Emil, his word is "flint" .. Emil himself is hard to bear deception and betrayal.

Emil, born in summer, is charming and good-natured. He is constantly surrounded by people who sympathize with him. Emil will show himself well in acting, design, politics, law.


Emil is a sensual and gentle lover. Emil learns the basics of sex at a fairly young age. While his peers are struggling with acne and blushing painfully in the presence of a pretty girl, young Emil goes on dates with girls, usually much older than him.

By the time Emil meets his only one, there comes a satiety with numerous novels. Emil becomes an exemplary family man. But, nevertheless, his wife should not lose vigilance, since Emil's sensuality can sometimes make itself felt in a rather unforeseen situation.

Emil always cares about her partner's satisfaction. He likes to feel like a real "macho", to listen to the words of his beloved about his extraordinary masculine strength, beauty, tenderness.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Virgo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Emil gives the impression of something soft, fluid, warm.

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