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Meaning of the name

Ella means "dawn" in Greek.


As a child, Ella is capricious, sensitive, often has colds, and often cries for a long time. Parents spoil Ella, pay too much attention to her. Ella adores her father, follows him with her tail. Ella, an overly inquisitive child, only a patient dad is able to withstand the flow of her questions.

A little later (at about six years old), Ella turns into a calm, sensible girl, amazing everyone with her adult remarks.

In the kindergarten, Ella strives for leadership, loves to play the main roles at matinees. Ella is friends with children older than her, managing to gain authority among them.

Ella is friendly, outgoing, but a little frivolous, and therefore not too reliable. Ella loves to study, her special talents are manifested in the exact sciences. Ella often becomes a mathematician, engineer, pianist.

Ella is a good worker. She is executive, but she is not particularly eager for labor exploits. Ella is not ambitious, she does not like to work. She is more attracted to entertainment, Ella loves to spend time in large companies, at noisy parties.

Ella is not at all punctual, she can completely forget about the appointment. She is smart, talented, loves to read. Married is rarely happy.


Ella is not particularly picky about choosing a sexual partner. She has many men. Ella is an interesting conversationalist who can cheer up a man with a cute joke.

Ella is romantic, but she perfectly knows how to handle men, if she wants, she can lure the most persistent into her networks.

In sex, Ella is ingenuity itself. She can keep up a conversation with any man on any, most intimate topic.

She is not indifferent to sex, but sensual pleasure in itself does not give her complete satisfaction in bed, she is playful, affectionate and attentive to her partner.

Ella forgives a man for his shortcomings, but does not tolerate insincerity. Some men disappoint her in an intimate relationship, leaving a residue in her soul, but she will never give the impression that it touched her.

Ella is attracted to experienced men, both in the everyday sense and in the sexual sense. One does not have to expect insane passions from her, but she has a rare ability to see the one and only in every man. She is greatly pleased by the fact that a man is enjoying her.


Gray blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Ella gives the impression of something good, strong.

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