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Meaning of the name

Julian translated from ancient Greek means "from the genus of Julia".


In childhood, Julian is often sick, he has weak immunity, as a result, colds, and the lungs suffer from complications. In addition, Julian has a weak nervous system from a very tender age. Although Julian's health is weak, the boy does well at school, has many friends, can always stand up for himself, and loves to be naughty.

Growing up, Julian becomes a little more serious, but his character does not change much. Julian has an excellent memory, a rich imagination, which undoubtedly helps him a lot in his work. Julian is hardworking, punctual, you can always rely on him.

Julian quickly adapts to any conditions, finds friends everywhere. Julian is freedom-loving, he does not tolerate violence against a person. The obstacles that are on his way, he prefers to bypass - to fight is not for him.

Julian is patient, he always achieves what he has in mind, even if sometimes he has to wait a long time. Julian does not like surprises and changes, avoids long trips.

Julian is very hospitable, his house is always full of friends and girlfriends. He himself does not like to visit. Julian loves to be in the spotlight, one of his passions is preference.

Julian marries late, when the "gunpowder in the flasks" begins to run out. In marriage, Julian is calm and comfortable.


Julian is unstoppable in sex. He is passionate, ardent, not always gentle, and very fast. Julian loves extreme sex. He is seduced by everything that entails danger, from love in a transparent office elevator to an affair with the daughter and (or) wife of the father of the local mafia.

His novels are fleeting, his passion instantly flares up, and just as quickly fades. Only by the age of forty, when his heart, nervous system and potency begin to fail, Julian begins to visit thoughts about his uselessness in this world. He frantically begins to look for the woman with whom he would like to live his life, to have children from her.

Julian marries a gentle, kind woman with an unsuccessful marriage and a child from her first husband. His wife becomes his mistress, friend, muse. They usually have another child. Respect, love and peace reign in the Julian family.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Julian gives the impression of something beautiful, smooth, gentle.



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