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Adjo is a treasure
Azibo - earth
Azizi is precious
Akiiki - friendly
Akil - intellectual
Ako - weary
Akenaten is the one that works for Aton
Akenaton - the one that works for Aten
Amen - hidden
Amenemhat - Amun Vanguard
Amenemhat - Amun Vanguard
Amenhotep - the world of Amun
Amon - hidden
Amun - hidden
Ankenaten is the one that works for Aton
Ancanaton - the one that works for the Aten
Anpu is a royal child
Anum - fifth born
Anher - distant
Aton - solar disc
Atsu is a twin
Atum - whole
Ahmoz - son of Eeyore
Ahom - eagle
Ashei - abundant

Babeyfmi - beloved by his father
Badru - born on the full moon
Bakari - a noble oath
Bankole - help me build a house
Baraka - blessing, gift
Baruti - teacher
Benipe - iron
Demon - bringing joy
Biti - King of the North
Bomani - warrior
Bubu - giving lightness
Buziris - Temple of Osiris
Buihu is the best

Gakhiji - hunter
Gyasi is wonderful

Dakarei - happy
Jabari is brave
Jafari - stream
Jahi - honored
Jibaid - associated with the royal family
Jumouk - loved by everyone
Donkor - humble

Sacher - flower
Zuberi - strong
Zuka is the grave

Eeyore - the moon
Iabi is weak
Ialu - dreams
Idogb is a twin brother
Iknathon is the one who works for Aton
Imenand - hidden
Imhotep - entering the world
Ini-herit - shortening the distance
Issa - God saves
Donkey - laugh

Kazia - outgoing
Cambizet is a handsome king
Karoan - Preventing Evil Eye
Kafiri - hill
Kahotep - a peaceful entity
Keb is the father of the earth
Keimnvati - dark rebel
Keyfl - dying in the name
Kemneby - Black Panther
Kemoziri - Black Osiris
Knemu - modeling
Kontar is only a son
Kosey - lion
Kuaashi - born on Sunday
Kanty is the leader

Lizimba - lion
Lusidge - locust

Madu - of people
Maskini is poor
Matsimela - root
Mbizi - water
Mdjay - soldier
Menes - reed
Menetnasht - power
Mensah - third born
Meti - fair
Minka - justice
Mozeji - tailor
Mosven - illuminating the skin
Msra - the sixth born
Mudada - supplier
Mukhwana is a twin
Mhotep - world
Mhei - fight
Mshey - traveler
Mum - fountain

Set - blinding
Najja - second born
Nakhti is powerful
Ngozi - Blessed
Nebi - panther
Nebibi - Panther
Nebtoi - master of the world
Neri - gypsy
Nehru - born in the afternoon
Nave - spirit
Nefer-kheperu-ro - the one that works for the Aton
Nizam - disciplined
Nkozi - rules
Nkrumah - the ninth born
Nkuku - rooster

Oan - quality
Both are scepter holder, king
Odion is one of the twins
Odji - evil
Ozaz - beloved by God
Ozahar - God hears me
Osiris - something that was done, a product
Oi - glory
Okpara - Born First
Omari - High Born
Otta - third born

Paky is a witness
Panahazi - barbarian
Pta - more open

Ra - the sun
Razui is a dream
Rameses - son of Ra
Rashidi - wise
Re - sun
Remmao is a rich man
Runichera the destroyer
Raimss is the son of Ra

Sabola - pepper
Sadiki - faithful, devoted
Sekani - laughter
Semni - the approver
Seth - blinding
Networks - from the set
Sefu - sword
Sinyukh - son of Plato
Sokkwi - small, silly
Judge - lucky
Sutekh - blinding

Tabit is strong
Teremune - beloved by his father
Tehuti - keeping balance
That is a lion
Thor is king
Thoth - keeping balance
Tumanei - hope
Tutankhamun - depicting the life of Amun
Thutmose - born

Ubaid - faithful, faithful
Umi is life
Unica - shining
Uomukota - clumsy
Wati is a rebel
Wohakvi - small, silly
Wohash - small, stupid
Ur - big
Wuxi - smoke

Fansani - request
Fenuku - Late Born
Finehas - the mouth of the snake

Haji - born during a pilgrimage
Khazani - beautiful
Hakizimana - God saves
Halfani - there will be a rule
Hamadi - praised
Harakhti - two horizons
Heru - Distant
Haldun - the immortal
Hondo - War
Horus - Distant
Hey - crowned

Seagull - the power of god
Cenzira - a traveler
Chibail is a relative
Chigaru - dog
Cheesy is a mystery
Plague is rich

Shanti - hairy
Shushu is a bouncer

Ebo - born on Tuesday
Esker - something that was done, a product

Yafeu - brave
Yahya - God-given

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