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Meaning of the name

Egor in translation from ancient Greek means "farmer", "plowman".


Egor is diligent and hardworking. Loves order, strives to put everything "on the shelves". He hates lies, protects his neighbors. Yegor has an analytical mind. Moreover, he is very stubborn and distrustful. A person who deceived him at least once risks losing the boy's disposition forever.

If you come across a "bad" teacher, it is better to immediately transfer to another school: here he will no longer study. Studying well, diligent and hardworking. He has good business qualities, knows how to find a way out of any situation.

His temper is spoiled by irascibility and grumpiness. If he holds a leading position (and this happens often), then subordinates will have to get used to his manner of reprimanding for a long time even for minor violations.

He achieves success in his professional career, colleagues appreciate him for his adherence to principles, pedantry, purposefulness; and ... they are somewhat afraid of him.

The negative properties of his character include importunity. There are at least three chances in life - both to fly very high, and fall with a deafening roar.

In women, Yegor most of all values ​​modesty. She does not tolerate when a woman is boastful and flirtatious, gets annoyed if she tries to attract attention to herself with flashy clothes or defiant behavior. Egor is a straightforward and slightly simple-minded person, his declarations of love and proposals are usually sincere and serious.

A respectable family man, a strong owner, somewhat strict with children. In his wife's claims to leadership, he sees a manifestation of female weakness, does not reread in trifles, and shows firmness in serious matters.


Amorous, gentle and passionate. The highest manifestation of feelings on the part of a girlfriend is oral sex. He does not tolerate inexperienced partners, for him this means a lack of imagination and variety in intimate relationships. He himself is a skillful lover, knows perfectly well how to prepare a woman for intercourse, is easily aroused.

Egor is gentle and affectionate, does not tolerate haste, loves long foreplay. Energetic and temperamental, looking for a partner is also passionate. Egor prefers long-term or permanent intimate relationships with one woman, but if he breaks up with her, he immediately finds another - he does not tolerate loneliness, and even more so abstinence. The partner, who was able to touch his feelings, tries not to lose.

Sexual relations with Yegor are sometimes difficult, his often changing mood is not always clear to a woman. He is voluptuous and does not allow the thought that he or his partner will remain dissatisfied after coitus. With a little respite, he is ready to enter into intimate relationships many times.

If his chosen one is as temperamental as he is, she tries to spend as much time as possible in bed. In sex, he is the leader. Irritated if he does not receive a response from his partner. Egor ignores any restrictions in the intimate sphere, he is sexually active and does not hide it.

He loves compliments from his beloved, enjoys her admiration, he himself is generous in praise. Susceptible to odors, requires a partner to be clean and neat. Shows interest in new opportunities in intimacy, be sure to try them himself.

Egor is generous, loves to make gifts to his friends, no matter how long he has known them. He is very charming, flexible, dances beautifully. Has great success with women. Reputed to be an unsurpassed lover, physically strong, tireless in sex.

In marriage, Yegor becomes an excellent father. The attraction to his wife increases even more over time. It is important that she maintains a sexual flame in him. A wonderful owner, he will be happy to help his wife, take care of the children.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Yegor gives the impression of something beautiful, simple, majestic, courageous, strong, brave, mighty, big, active.

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